Cartoon on Open Border Crowd’s Blindness to Terror Would Be Funny if It Wasn’t So Real


C.E. Dyer reports President Donald Trump’s executive order to temporarily restrict entry to the U.S. in order to implement critical extreme vetting measures was vindicated in a big way as a German paper reported — back in 2015 — that Western intelligence agencies found that ISIS obtained blank passports as well as the machinery needed to create more.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Islamic State obtained tens of thousands of blank passports in Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi towns since 2014, according to Western intelligence agencies.

The Welt am Sonntag paper cited intelligence officials in its report Sunday on Islamic State selling “real fake documents” to raise money. The terrorist organization is offering passports for between $1,000 and $1,500 on the black market.

In addition to the blank passports, Islamic State seized machinery for the production of passports and personal identity papers.

Security officials are concerned that jihadists will use the passports to disguise themselves as refugees and infiltrate Europe, the paper reported.

American and European security officials have warned about Islamic terrorists masquerading as refugees to gain entry to Europe. Last month’s attacks in Paris involved two unidentified terrorists who used fabricated Syrian passports to reach Europe.

Germany’s interior security agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, said there are 7,900 Salafi jihadists in the country that may seeks to radicalize and recruit Syrian refugees. Nearly 750 German Islamists have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight for jihadist groups.

Fabrice Leggeri, who heads up the European Union’s border security agency Frontex, an agency that is tasked with checking the veracity of passports held by refugees seeking asylum, told Welt am Sonntag: “The large influx of people who are traveling to Europe unchecked represents a security risk.”

Leggeri further noted that the agency’s ability to check the veracity of the passports — whether or not they were falsified or stolen — is stunted by the inability to confirm the authenticity of such documents from war-torn countries like Syria.

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Many of us already knew that Trump’s executive order made perfect sense, but this report just adds more common-sense confirmation.

This report confirms what Trump has said all along about the critical importance of extreme vetting and further renders the opposition even more ignorant than before — if that’s possible.

Reports like this make it even more clear that the left is playing politics with our national security, and that is truly disgusting and terrifying.