Cartoon Reveals HARD TRUTH of Why Government Never Shrinks


Will this time be different? Robert Gehl reports that President Donald Trump has won over one of his toughest critics.

Glenn Beck has been critical of Trump since he entered the presidential race, but when the White House released their proposed federal budget for next fiscal year, they managed to make an ally out of Beck.

On his radio show Thursday, he gleefully declared himself “pro-Trump” as he was reading off the list of agencies and programs that would get the axe under the proposed budget. Among them, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. Then Beck got to one particular agency:

“And my favorite: The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars,” he said, concluding the list.

Beck has a well-known dislike for former President Woodrow Wilson and his leftist agenda. He mused that the inclusion of the center was an “olive branch” to him from the Trump administration, Breitbart reports.

“Clearly, that was an outreach to you, Glenn,” show guest John Ziegler said.

“It was,” Beck agreed. “That was the olive branch, and I’ll take that olive branch. I am so pro-Trump right now.”

This is quite the turnaround for Beck. Back in October, he effectively said that a vote for Hillary Clinton would be preferable to a vote for Trump; back in May, while he was still supporting Sen. Ted Cruz, Beck seemed to suggest that assassinating a President Trump would be a viable way of removing him from office.

Less than six months ago, Beck told CNN’s Don Lemon: “I think Donald Trump is so self-centered, so vindictive, doesn’t let things go, and quite honestly, he has said himself, he doesn’t read. He is so under-educated on the issues. He’s a danger to the republic.”

Beck has also been a vocal critic of Steve Bannon and his nationalist policies.

“What is frightening to me is the lack of reaction from the crowd at CPAC,” Beck said in February. “[Bannon] dropped economic nationalism two or three times during that [speech]. He talked about populism and nationalism a lot. … I don’t know what Steve Bannon’s plan is after he would burn down the system, but he has talked repeatedly about burning the system down to the ground. That’s not good.”

But the President’s latest move was so drastic, it even won Beck over to being rather satisfied with Trump.