Cartoon Reveals SICK TRUTH About Today’s Democrat Party


Robert Gehl reports that Jesus Rubalcalva is really sorry for wanting to punch a woman in the throat.

Well, he’s sorry now. Now that people know about it. He wasn’t sorry before.

He made the comment on Facebook, and since threats of violence against women happen all the time on social media, it wouldn’t normally be a big deal.

Except Rubalcalva is a state lawmaker, his intended victim is a state lawmaker, he made the comment on Facebook, and it was all over a bill she introduced.

Rubalcalva, a Democrat representing Gila Bend, made the comment about State Sen. Debbie Lesko. He was so irate about her bill allowing more kids to use public vouchers to attend private schools that he “wanted to punch her in the throat.” Here’s a screenshot:

rubacalva punch

“Republicans (are) congratulating themselves on how they’ve screwed you and AZ’s Education System!” he wrote.

A Facebook friend replied that “Lesko’s ‘thank you’ tour was slightly enraging.”

Rubalcava’s response: “I wanted to punch her in the throat.”

That remark earned him five “thumbs up” on his page. Isn’t that nice?

jesus rubacalva

Arizona State Rep. (and throat-puncher) Jesus Rubalcava

When a local reporter called Rubalcava about his misogynistic comments, he tried to brush them off. He said the remark was “rhetorical anger,” refused to apologize, and said reluctantly said he’d take the post down. The next day – perhaps coming to his senses – he tweeted an apology:

I was raised in a household where violence was not tolerated; especially against woman. I apologize to @DebbieLesko for my FB post.
— Jesus Rubalcava (@jebusrubal) April 13, 2017

The tweet isn’t available, because this guy who wants to punch women in the throat is afraid of people tweeting him back. He made his Twitter account “private.” His Facebook page is here, just in case you wanted to make a comment.

He then took to the floor of the state House to apologize to Lesko. He said his post was “definitely unprofessional and unacceptable and I want this body to know that I have apologized to Sen. Debbie Lesko for my comment and I sincerely apologize.”

Lesko said she actually hadn’t met the first-term lawmaker yet. She told the Arizona Republic she was unnerved by her colleagues’ comment: “The more time I’ve had to think of this Rubalcava comment, it is kind of disturbing. I don’t know if the guy has violent tendencies, or what … The more I think about it, it is rather disturbing that someone would comment like that.”

H/T: Washington Free Beacon