Cartoon Shows Left-Wing Media’s DESPERATE Attempt To Silence Conservative Sites


The mainstream media has not let up in their attempt to smear conservative news sites as “fake news.”

The Washington Post has a cute cartoon online (that might have been in the print edition, but who buys the print edition?) showing “How to Make a Fake News Bomb Cocktail.”

Shown in panels, it purports to show the recipe for a concoction that is “guaranteed to give you a four-year hangover” (the election of Donald Trump, get it?). Har har!


“Start with cutting and pasting from right wing websites,” the first frame shows, with the bartender holding a bottle with Breitbart’s “Big B” logo; “Pour generous amounts of conspiracies and outrageous headlines; add Facebook and Retweets,” it continues, adding “*Do not add other news sources.”

“Shake vigorously,” it continues, with the last frame showing an angry pit about to burst and “Guaranteed to give you a 4-year hangover.”

The Post is piggybacking on their now completely discredited story claiming that many conservative news sites (like The Federalist Papers Project, ZeroHedge and Drudge) are “Russian propaganda.” Lawsuits have been filed and even Left-wing organizations like The Nation say the article promotes a “McCarthyite Blacklist.”

Now they’re merely claiming sites are “fake news,” because it’s much easier to smear legitimate sites as “fake” rather than “Russian propaganda.”

To be clear: sites that promote the nonsense story that Hillary Clinton was running a child-sex ring out of a DC pizza joint are completely, 100 percent fake. But we never did. Breitbart never did. Right-leaning news sites never ran that ridiculous story. It was promoted on Reddit and propagated in discussion boards, comments, and chat rooms.

To the Left, “fake news” is any news that veers from their narrative. “Fake news” is news that questions why Donald Trump can’t take a phone call from the president of Taiwan, or that Hillary Clinton is (was) more consumed with pure power than ever doing anything to move this country forward.

For the first time in generations, the mainstream media’s stranglehold on “the truth” is being challenged, and they don’t like it.

The truth,” whatever it is – is out there – and it’s not tucked away in a room that only The New York Times, The Post, and CNN have keys to.

Conservative news outlets have as much a right to “the truth” as anyone else.

Barring more nonsense like “Pizzagate,” that quest for the truth – and the attempt to wrest the keys from the mainstream media – will go on.

Their monopoly is over, the rest is just sound and fury.