Causes of Rape and Mass Shootings Liberals Just Cannot Understand

Seth Connell reports that just as we expected, the media elites and celebrities of Hollywood are being guided by emotions following the horrendous tragedy in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Understandably, it’s a very heavy situation, one that is difficult to analyze with level-headed judgment, especially just a day or so after it happened. However, our response to it must not be driven by emotions, as many on the Left are prone to do.

Additionally, our response should reflect the reality for all Americans, and not just for the immediately visible media and celebrity elites that plague our nation’s cultural landscape. Those who dominate the television and cinema screens are largely detached from reality; they live in a completely different world with different rules and different circumstances, different everything; and it’s a world where the things you and I face simply do not exist.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of those elites, and in his late night show monologue last night, he displayed just how detached from reality he actually is, both in his response to the attack on the screen, but then also in his recent move to further protect himself.

The Daily Wire reports that during the show last night, Kimmel went on an emotional soliloquy blasting Republicans and the NRA for being complicit in the attack. For all that Kimmel said, the GOP and NRA might as well have been in that hotel room along with Stephen Paddock.

On the same day as the report, Kimmel, in tears, ripped Republicans and the National Rifle Association (NRA) for what he portrayed as their role in the Las Vegas massacre which left 59 confirmed dead and over 500 people injured. According to the former Man Show host who just bulked up his own security, gun control is the answer, and if you disagree, you clearly want people to die in massacres.

“The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, the speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, a number of other lawmakers who won’t do anything about this because the NRA has their balls in a money clip, also sent their thoughts and their prayers today — which is good,” said Kimmel, the former funny man who’s now transformed into a secular cleric.

Then came the blood-on-their-hands bit:

“They should be praying,” he said. “They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country because it is so crazy.”

This is the epitome of an emotionally-charged accusation, one that is not based on level-headed and cool judgment, but one that allows the passions of one’s heart and mind to run wild without regard for other facts such as statistics, and even respect for other people’s right to defend their lives and property.

While he rants and raves about the “need” to take away guns from people, and make it more difficult to obtain a firearm, Kimmel thinks that it is just fine and dandy to have armed security and cameras for himself to ward off any threats against him. According to The Blast, Kimmel has upped his security after “incidents with Trump supporters.”

We’re told the show has responded by adding security to the tapings — increasing personnel at both the front and back entrances. According to our sources, the additional security consists of highly-trained, off-duty police officers.

Our sources say that in addition to protestors at the show, several “concerning” emails and letters have been sent to production.


Kimmel wants to restrict everyone else’s ability to defend their lives against attacks from evil people, but his detached position in life prevents him from seeing the utter hypocrisy and snobbish elitism that dominates his rantings and ravings.

It’s really a shame that this tragedy is already being exploited for political points. Hillary Clinton was one of the first to start things off with a horrendously stupid series of Twitter posts, but then all of her loyal followers mimicked the Pied Piper dutifully and without question.

Can we adhere to a simply policy of decency, and allow the facts to roll in, and give the victims room to recover and grieve? The Left can’t even do that these days, and that’s a damning look into their collective soul (at least, what’s left of it).