The Chainsaw Bayonet is REAL; But Here’s The Truth

In a bizarre attempt to make people as scared to death of AR-15s as possible, USA Today released a mini-video showing the popular semi-automatic rifle armed with a “chainsaw bayonet.”

They released a tweet with the video embedded. The video read “A look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting.”

Take a look:

The video shows the “base” model of the AR-15, then included some modifications and accessories that range from the common to the completely idiotic. But all apparently real.

It didn’t seem so when the “chainsaw bayonet” flashed on the screen. That’s a real modification, but almost nobody uses one, it’s more of a gimmick and it adds so much weight to the gun, it renders it practically unusable for most shooting situations.

There are a couple companies selling the device. Panacea sells their “Zombie X” for $800. It comes with a battery and charger, along with mounting hardware.

Just in case you weren’t sure if it was a gimmick or not, the chainsaw comes with a t-shirt and a bumper sticker. Under the “Best uses” for the chainsaw bayonet, it reads “Killing Zombies.”

The video was so insane, it inspired a lot of mocking responses.

After the insane mocking, USA Today seemed to realize how idiotic their video was, because they sent out a Tweet saying, yes, they know that the Texas Church shooter didn’t use an AR-15 with a chainsaw.

“To clarify, the video shows both the shooter’s modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet,” they wrote.

So since even the makers of the “Chainsaw Bayonet” acknowledge how ridiculous (but awesome!) it really is, here are some of their other suggestions for how to use the “Zombie X Chain Saw,” other than “killing zombies.”

Marijuana growers can use it to harvest their crop and always be armed while cutting down their plants.

Off-road motorcyclists, mountain bikers and hikers can keep it in their hydrator pack and remove downed trees and branches that often fall across the road.

Clear your kill zone of pesky branches in front of your tree stand or blind.

Mount it to the peg board of your electric guitar and jam some serious metal.

And if you’re not interested in purchasing one of Panacea X’s models, you can straight-up make your own. As The Washington Examiner reports:

Is it practical? Nope. Is it popular? Not really. Is it definitely a gag for gun enthusiasts? Yes. Should you be worried about a mass shooter with a chainsaw? You have no reason to be. Have you ever heard of it prior to the USA Today tweet? Probably not.

Is USA Today guilty of fear-mongering vis-a-vis a definitely obscure rifle accessory? Yep.

But that doesn’t mean USA Today is wrong. Chainsaw bayonets may be obscure, and they may mostly be a joke, but they exist.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some online orders to make.

H/T: Daily Wire