Chelsea Clinton Went to a “Clean Energy” Roundtable, Guess How She Got There…


“Do as I say, not as I do” is the mantra of the left. Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, exemplified this mantra when she hypocritically made her way to a roundtable discussion about “clean energy” by traveling on a private jet.

The former first daughter flew to the meeting in Asheville, North Carolina via a private jet Wednesday afternoon to campaign for her mother.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“Clinton first attended two events in Greenville, North Carolina, stopping by a campaign office and then going to an event at East Carolina University to discuss college affordability.

After her two events in Greenville, Clinton was scheduled to attend a “clean energy roundtable” in Asheville, which is about a 5-hour drive away. But instead of driving or flying on a commercial plane, Clinton opted to a take a private jet. The NTK Network posted a tracking video that shows Clinton boarding the private jet on Wednesday.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign pledged, just last year, that they would be carbon neutral during the campaign and noted that they would be “offsetting the carbon footprint of the campaign and that includes travel.”

Gee, a private jet should create quite a carbon footprint, don’t you think? Then again, I’m sure there’s a Clinton Foundation donation somewhere that offsets the plane usage. Clinton mafia math 101.

This isn’t new for the Clinton family either, as then-Secretary of State Clinton once justified her use of polar-bear-killing private jets instead of more “green” travel options by complaining that that taking commercial flights was “burdensome.”

She is right, though; the ridiculous con-job that is climate change is extremely burdensome (though it’s obviously unlikely she meant it like that, that’s the truth).

As the Free Beacon reported, other limousine liberal politicians have done the same; for instance, former Democrat Gov. of Maryland Martin O’Malley and liberal billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer — who has donated millions to Democrat and environmental causes — were spotted leaving a green energy conference in 2014 via a vehicle that the left certainly doesn’t deem eco-friendly: a Chevrolet Suburban.

This is another example of how a piece of the liberal agenda isn’t what it seems. While there are some liberals who probably do follow the junk science that is climate change because they misguidedly believe it, for others there’s a distinct ulterior motive.

Climate change hysteria helps the government gain control over the economy. Liberals believe that if they whip the public into a frenzy of fear over climate change, they can convince the public to allow them more and more control directly and via oppressive regulation.

It’s not about the issue at hand; it almost never is. Climate change, like so many other liberal pet projects, is about handing over control to the federal government with liberals at the helm.

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