Chick-fil-A SAVES THE DAY During Atlanta Blackout

Yesterday, scores of people found themselves facing the situation every holiday traveler dreads: getting stranded, thanks to a massive power outage that struck Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

The catastrophe was responsible for the cancellation of over a thousand flights, flights being redirected while in midair, travelers winding up far from their intended destinations, more time in the sky than intended, and plenty of frustrated fliers sitting in pitch-black terminals. Notably, the airport said the source of the problem wasn’t related to the winter weather, but a fire at one of their power supplier’s underground facilities:

In the midst of all of this chaos and discomfort, one business stepped up to provide a little comfort and relief to weary, stranded travelers, though its identity should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Mashable reports that Chick-fil-A made an exception to its religious rule against working on Sundays to provide food to stranded passengers:

They’ll be served at the Georgia International Convention Center, where they are able to stay overnight, which is a pretty nice consolation given what some of these people have gone through.

It’s a remarkable aberration from the company’s policy on Sunday trading hours, rooted in founder Truett Cathy’s devout Christian beliefs.

The policy remains the same at the Chick-fil-A in the newly opened Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Its main tenant, the Atlanta Falcons, will only play one regular season game that doesn’t fall on a Sunday.

As of 11:30 p.m. EST, there were 2,000 meals served to passengers, according to Atlanta’s mayor Kasim Reed. See, this is how bad it has to get for Chick-Fil-A to open on a Sunday.

This is nothing new. For years, at both a corporate level and from individual stores, Chick-fil-A has been going out of its way to help people in need. In 2015, the owner of a Birmingham location helped out a man who came in after losing his home, and the year before passed out hundreds of meals to motorists stuck on the highway thanks to a snowstorm. In 2016, an Orlando location made free food for people donating blood to Pulse nightclub shooting victims. Just a couple months ago, a Houston Chick-fil-A manager even sent a boat to help evacuate an elderly couple stuck in their flooded home.

All this from an organization the American Left has vilified as cruel and bigoted simply because its owners happen to be practicing Christians who accept Christian teachings about homosexuality (never mind that there was no evidence whatsoever those beliefs translated to any mistreatment of gay employees or customers).

If the Left had any capacity for self-reflection, it would realize that the authentic Christianity they despise so much isn’t just a source of moral values that make liberals uncomfortable; it is also what drives countless acts of kindness, sacrifice, and even heroism — and the former can’t be purged from America without seriously depleting the latter.

If the secular Left continues — or, heaven forbid, wins — its war on American conservative Christianity, America will lose far more than “intolerance” and “judgmentalism.”

Hat tip: The Daily Wire