The Chief Architect of Obamacare Gets Canned For FRAUD

The irony of the following story is almost too delicious for words.

The Daily Caller reports that MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber — better known as one of the chief architects of Obamacare — has been canned from his gig as a healthcare consultant for the state of Vermont, as part of a legal settlement.

Legal settlement for what, you may ask? Oh, nothing much…just defrauding the taxpayers for an unspecified amount by billing the state for work he never actually did.

Although really, should this surprise anyone when what they hired him to help figure out how to implement a single-payer healthcare plan?

State Auditor Doug Hoffer, also a Democrat, originally referred allegations of Gruber’s overbilling to the attorney general.

Donovan, the attorney general and still another Democrat, said his office determined that Gruber did, in fact, violate the Vermont Civil False Claims Act, according to the Herald.

Specifically, investigators concluded that Gruber sent two invoices — and possibly more — falsely charging the state and its taxpayers for work which was never actually completed by Gruber or any of his underlings.

The dollar amounts sought by Gruber in the two invoices are not clear.

Under the terms of Gruber’s consulting contract, he was supposed to receive up to $400,000 for his policy advice concerning single-payer health care in Vermont.

Gruber denies committing any fraud.

Yes, because when has he ever give us any reason to doubt his word?

Honestly, though, the state has nobody to blame for this mess but itself. The entire Democrat establishment knew that deception was necessary to sell the public on government control of healthcare; in fact, wasn’t Gruber’s perceived skill in doing so precisely why Vermont enlisted him in the first place?

It’s no coincidence that when a policy is inherently fraudulent, its experts and advocates are frauds too. Charging more for providing less: sounds like Jonathan Gruber’s crime here was simply replicating Obamacare on a smaller scale, and fleecing fellow Democrats rather than the American people.