CIA Documents Reveal MLK Jr. Had A Secret Life No One Knew About

A dossier on Martin Luther King Jr. claims the civil rights leader possibly fathered a child out of wedlock, and had an affinity for orgies.

The data, part of the JFK files recently released by the National Archives, also includes the assertion that singer Joan Baez was among the multiple women with whom King allegedly had affairs, the New York Daily News reported.

Described in the scandalous 20-page report is a “two-day drunken sex orgy in Washington, D.C.” that was linked to an event that King attended, the Washington Examiner reported.

The dossier alleges that not only did King have a proclivity for orgies, but the frisky revelries even took place at workshops where he was training ministers in urban leadership.

At a Miami conference in February 1968, a minister who attended “expressed his disgust with the behind-the-scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on.”

“Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to the public view as a moral leader of religious conviction,” the report says.

The dossier cites information obtained from “a responsible Los Angeles individual,” who was said to be a relative of King’s alleged lover — who was described as the wife of a prominent black dentist. The source said King may have fathered a baby girl with the woman, the Daily News reported.

The informant was said to have met King in 1960, and claimed that King had affairs with multiple women, including Baez.

History professor Clayborne Carson, who is director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University, responded to the document via CNN, blaming Hoover for attempting a smear campaign. “When we look closely at this, what we see is that there is a person who is trying his best to damage Martin Luther King’s reputation,” Carson said. The report also noted that the FBI had sent a letter to King in 1964, which appeared to urge him to commit suicide.

The newly publicized FBI record was dated March 12, 1968, just weeks before King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

The 676 newly released JFK files also include a declassified memo that quotes a Soviet diplomat who doubted Lee Harvey Oswald’s capability to operate a rifle and assassinate President Kennedy, the Daily News reported.

Less than a year after the assassination, Soviet Consul Pavel Yatskov said in Mexico City he believed a “person as nervous as” Oswald wasn’t capable of the attack.

“I met Oswald here. He stormed into my office and wanted me to introduce and recommend him to the Cubans,” Yatskov said, according to the July 1964 memo from then-CIA Deputy Director Richard Helms.

“He told me that he had lived in the USSR. I told him that I would have had to check before I could recommend him.

“He was nervous and his hands trembled, and he stormed out of my office. I don’t believe that a person as nervous as Oswald, whose hands trembled, could have accurately fired a rifle.”

President Trump tweeted last week for all remaining documents to be released, changing his initial stance to withhold certain files due to national security concerns.

This is the third time this year the National Archives has released declassified JFK documents, adhering to a deadline set by Congress under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 that ordered the release of the files in 25 years.

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