CNBC: This Looks Like Coup Attempt In Progress Against Trump

An attempt to overthrow President Trump is in progress. But he is just the first victim.

We should all be incredibly concerned by what is happening–and not just to our president. The recent activity in D.C. suggests a plan to overthrow self-government entirely.

As Townhall argues:

[The] calculated attempt [is] to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. And more than that, it’s an attempt to ensure that we never again have the ability to disrupt the bipartisan D.C. cabal’s permanent supremacy by inserting a chief executive who refuses to kiss their collective Reid.

This is a coup against us. It’s a coordinated campaign by liberals and their allies in the bureaucracy and media to once and for all ensure their perpetual rule over us. We need to fight it, here and now, so we don’t have to fight it down at the bottom of this slippery slope.

What is the evidence that President Trump is the target of a coup?

President Trump shared sensitive information with Russian officials last week at the White House. This wasn’t illegal.

How do we know this information and other related information about President Trump and Russia? Because it was leaked.

As CNBC reports, “Someone at the highest levels of government has leaked information to the news media about President Trump’s discussions with Russian officials” and “what all of the leaked stories have in common is that they were immediately beset with multiple leaks from highly placed officials meant to deeply defame President Trump.”

Are these leaks illegal? They very well could be if they fall within the conditions of the Espionage Act.

Where are these leaks coming from?

One of Trump’s closest advisors? The intelligence community? A member of the congressional intelligence committee?

This has yet to be determined. But this is one of the many attempts since November 2016 to bring Trump down.

Will President Trump be impeached?

Despite all of Democrats’ efforts, they have not found a piece of evidence to necessitate Trump’s impeachment.

There simply is no foundation for this [except hatred and skepticism from the establishment].

But Trump’s supporters are prouder than ever because, after all, “they elected a guy they believed was truly the enemy of the established political class. And right on cue, the established political class is stopping at nothing to prove them right.”