CNN Fakes News To Make Fox News Look Bad

CNN’s weekend show that discusses the media is called “Reliable Sources,” but it is anything but reliable.

They discussed a Harvard study that showed the media’s overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Donald Trump during his first 100 days in office.

Except, they purposely distorted the truth, leaving viewers the impression that Fox News was in the pocket of the President.

Here’s how host John Berman began:

“Is the White House besieged by crisis, or is President Trump besieged by the media attempting a sort of coup?” Berman asked. “It really all depends on where you turn your dial to get your news. This is according to a new study from the Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media Politics that analyzed news coverage of the President’s first 100 days and found that the coverage quote ‘set a new standard for unfavorable coverage of a President, with Fox News being the only outlet where the majority of the coverage was positive.”

Berman then showed the following graphic with the headline: “Fox News Only Outlet With Overwhelmingly Positive Coverage.”

Except that’s simply not true.

That graph is one of many and it shows only a small portion of the study’s results. Here’s the graph of the media’s overall tone toward Donald Trump during his first 100 days:

Notice a difference? Because the graph they’re showing you is only the coverage of President Trump’s “fitness for office,” the only category where Fox gave Trump more positive coverage than negative. Every other category was negative.

Truth be told – if “balanced” coverage means stories that are equally “positive” and “negative,” than Fox News was the only network that even came close. A full 93 percent of stories in CNN and NBC were negative, followed close behind by everyone else. Here’s the video: