CNN Makes WILD Accusation Against Christians Who Support Trump…

If you want to lose some brain cells, you should watch videos of CNN guests trying to understand Christians who support President Trump.

In a couple of different segments on different shows, guests actually tried to make claims about Christians and essentially, how dare they support Trump. In one account, left winter Maria Cardona basically mocks Trump for telling an audience “we’re saying Merry Christmas again.” She mocks Trump for claiming this is an important issue to people and then goes even further. From The Daily Caller:

These Christian values voters have made a deal with the devil. This is a president who during the campaign said he has never even asked God for forgiveness and didn’t even know what that little white wafer thing is and so this is also a group–and this is what I think makes him going to speak to this group, you know, kind of historic and not in a good way.

Trump was speaking at a “Values Voter Summit.” Apparently, the left thinks they understand values or voters. Clearly, they still haven’t learned a damn thing from the last presidential election.

What they don’t grasp is that the left has so tried to destroy any semblance of ANY type of ACTUAL values, whether Christian or not, from the country as a whole that these issues HAVE become important to people.

The left thinks glorifying genital mutilation by trans women is the cat’s meow but are horrified if a local school wants to take a field trip to a Christmas play. They have spent years slamming and bashing and condemning Christians and “Christian values” that they can’t even see it anymore. It just comes naturally so they think these things mean nothing to people in general.

On yet another CNN program, Charlie Sykes actually compares Trump to Jesus as if that’s how Evangelical Christians see him. From The Daily Caller:

“One of the things that has changed is this attitude. I’m old enough to believe when Christians believed character mattered and it was relevant to their personal persona. Now in the era of Donald Trump, Evangelical Christians according to the polls are least likely to think that that matters,” he said.

Sykes also tried comparing the president to Jesus Christ, saying, “This thing is between ‘what would Jesus do?’ and ‘what is Donald Trump doing?’ I would submit they’re not the same thing.”

Does he actually believe Evangelicals are putting Trump in the same category as Jesus Christ? Is he really that ignorant about Christians or does he just pretend to be that stupid for CNN viewers?

The left still doesn’t understand actual Christians (not their fake version of Christians who really worship progressivism as their God in pretend Churches). They abhor the fact that anyone worships or believes in something they simply cannot understand and that doesn’t have to do with big government.

They don’t understand why people are upset that saying “Merry Christmas” became suddenly taboo even though the U.S. is a majority Christian nation. They don’t grasp the fact that people are OFFENDED when you tell them that saying “Merry Christmas” is actually offensive.

The left really has no concept of what Evangelicals believe nor do they even try to understand.

They don’t grasp that the choice in the election was the horrid, evil and despicable Hillary Clinton versus Trump, who may be crass and probably isn’t the nicest guy on the planet or even the most honest but CLINTON WAS SO BAD that Trump was THAT MUCH BETTER.

They seriously still don’t understand that and CNN leads the pack of stupid.