CNN Pushes Anti-Trump Poll, But It Backfired Terribly

CNN is really taking the hits lately because more and more Americans, even those who didn’t vote for Trump, are seeing how poorly they are reporting the news.

CNN seems to have become nothing but an ‘anti-Trump’ station as opposed to an actual news station. Of course, these are the same people who fawned all over Obama. Some people even protested outside of CNN over the weekend, as Fox News reported:

Dozens of people protested peacefully outside CNN on Saturday in what was called a “Fake News” protest. It was organized following a shooting on Wednesday aimed at GOP lawmakers at the Congressional baseball game.

What’s ironic is on Saturday, CNN tried to conduct a poll that was clearly anti-Trump. According to The Daily Wire:

CNN has been on a 24/7 mission to knock President Trump out of office — or, failing that, discredit him with whatever it can.

“Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?” the poll asks (remembering to include a very unflattering picture of the president). As of Monday morning, 2,698,604 votes had been cast. The verdict: 70.2% said “no,” just 29.8% said “yes.”

Online polls don’t really mean much of anything, they aren’t like the more carefully constructed and conducted polls where people receive phone calls to answer questions but it’s still interesting to see the push back against CNN.

When you talk to regular Americans, many of them are absolutely sick and tired of the media’s ‘witch hunt’ and indeed, they’ve been calling it that before Trump coined the term via Twitter.