Coach BANNED For Using “Racist” Word to Describe Players Beating Special Needs Kid

It’s getting to be harder and harder to predict what word is going to be banned next, so maybe liberals could save us all some time and give us a list of words we are allowed to say.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports that youth wrestling coach Doug Conroy has been locked out of using Ringgold School District facilities for a Facebook post in which he used the word “thugs” to describe … thuggish behavior. That’s all it takes for the Ringgold School District to declare racism:

Coach Doug Conroy says he used the word to describe the actions of a pair of high school football players accused in a locker room brawl. Conroy added that the word ‘thugs’ to him means someone who is violent and had nothing to do with race.

The Ringgold School District has called on the Lil Rams Wrestling program to remove Conroy as coach and plans to ban the team from using school facilities until that happens.

I dare predict it will not come as much of a surprise to most of you to learn that the school district’s superintendent refused to comment on the case in response to multiple inquiries from Action News 4.

WPXI has more:

“I’ve been labeled a racist and a homophobe, all from the word ‘thug,’” Conroy said […]

“I have coached for six years young athletes, every race, religion, creed, social background, and never once have I been accused of anything like that,” Conroy said.

Channel 11 covered the case in question. The two players are 18 and were arrested by police after allegedly beating another player on school grounds […]

Conroy said the school’s move came down without a board meeting or hearing and only hurts the kids on his team

“I think that is punishment for the kids,” he said. “You want me gone, you can make me gone.”

Oh, and one more key detail, per CBS Pittsburg: the student the thugs are accused of beating up was not only two years younger, but had “special learning needs.”

Frankly, what the hell is wrong with any educator who wouldn’t call the perpetrators of such brutality and cruelty “thugs”?

Let’s cut to the chase: every single person in a position of power in the Ringgold School District knows in his or her heart that “thug” isn’t racist, that Conroy neither said nor meant anything racist, that nobody would have batted an eye if white students guilty of the same thing had been called thugs. They know it with absolute certainty.

But they are knowingly choosing to destroy an innocent man’s livelihood and public reputation anyway, for no other reason than that an unholy alliance of white fanatics and black racists demand a scalp.

That is simply evil, and for these moral monsters to be in charge of children’s futures is simply intolerable.

The superintendent, every administrator, and every school board member complicit in this needs to be removed from their positions.

What do you think of this appalling story? What should happen, and will it happen? Sound off below.

H/T The Blaze