College Football Players Sing National Anthem, Despite PA System Failure

In an age of Colin Kaepernicks and Jemele Hills, this is a very welcome story. It’s refreshing to see college students taking charge and supporting their country in a time rife with division.

Sadly, what has been marking sporting events (like a dog lifting its leg to a fire hydrant)–particularly football games–in the past year are protests during the playing of our national anthem.

Instead of standing attention towards the flag, with your hand over your heart and singing, professional athletes have decided to kneel to protest racial injustice around the country.

Or, in the case of Bruce Maxwell, he was likely protesting the crappy record of the Oakland A’s…and their season ending prematurely.

Whatever the reason, it’s absolutely disgraceful. When someone commands the national stage, they too should show respect for our flag and our freedoms.

Thankfully, we don’t have to rely on the inflated self-importance of professional football players. Instead, we can simply look to young students paving the way to patriotism.

According to The Daily Wire:

Football players from two opposing college teams led the stadium in singing the national anthem on Saturday when the stadium’s public address reportedly failed, which led to an announcement that the anthem would not be played.

The two schools, Trinity College and Hamilton College, are part of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) and were getting ready for kickoff when they learned about the problem with the stadium’s PA system.

“I think it was something involving the volume to the overall sound system I’m not exactly sure,” Dave Kingsley, Trinity’s director of sports communications, said. “It was a concern because for a second we thought we heard some boos.”

Trinity coach Jeff Devanney said the announcement did not sit well with his players.

“A couple of guys on our team were like ‘No man, you gotta play the song,'” Devanney said. “And then a couple guys just started singing.”

Within a matter of moments, both teams were singing the anthem.

“We weren’t all in sync,” Devanney said. “We had like three different waves of The Star-Spangled Banner going.”

Trinity senior fullback Ethan Suraci said the experience was terrific and that players on the team love singing the anthem before games.

“It was amazing, especially with what we’re seeing in the NFL, the political climate that not only the rest of our team joined in but Hamilton and all the fans joined in, too,” Suraci said. “It was truly amazing.”

If this isn’t a moving scene for you, you may want to check your pulse. You might not be alive.

Technical difficulties would not keep these student athletes from participating in the national anthem, for showing their pride for their country.

This should also remind us that just because a handful of disrespectful, unpatriotic millionaires refuse to stand for the national anthem, doesn’t mean the majority of Americans do not still love America.

Too often the established liberal media shines light on the most critical, the most wacky, the most ridiculous. Instead, we should highlight those in Connecticut, who chose to do something positive by coming together in this way.

What are some signs of love of country and patriotism you have seen lately? Let’s share some here!