College Offers ‘Mind Spa’ Following ‘Upsetting’ Pro-Life Demonstration


Students at UC Davis took to social media to plead for “support” during a 3-day pro-life demonstration.

UC Davis Women’s Resource and Resource Center recruited volunteers to “help make signs, hold content warning information signs, hand out Report Hate and Bias information cards, provide umbrella escorts for community members, and to help facilitate self-care activities/space,” according to a post on their Facebook page.

The group also posted a document to their Facebook page that asked for “support” during the demonstrations. The form asked for information about the volunteer, including what pronouns they use and what they would like to do during the counter-protest.

While the pro-life demonstrators handed out materials and asked whether later term abortions should remain legal in California, WRRC volunteers disrupted the otherwise peaceful event. They reportedly threw pro-life pamphlets and pages on the ground, and harassed people taking pictures of the protest.

Watch the video – provided by Campus Reform – below:

Despite the presence of campus security, nothing was done with the protestors who were causing a scene.

Following the demonstration, students with provided a rally for “empathetic listening, support, and access to mind spa services.”

Campus Reform reached out to WRRC for a comment, but one was not provided at the time of publishing.

These are the “adults” that we trust to vote in our best interest? They can’t even be civil to their own fellow students. What’s more, that student in the video is quite possibly the biggest bigot on campus. She can’t handle the views of another student, so she decides to ruin their display instead of attempt a reasonable conversation.

It’s a sad state of affairs when your kid comes home from college less ready to handle the real world than when they went.

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