Confirmed: 99 Percent Of Union Donations Go To Liberal-Leaning Causes

Unions have always been considering bastions of liberal politics.

Like multiple leaning towers of Pisa, we now have proof that these towers lean to the left.

According to The Daily Caller, unions nationwide “donated $765 million dollars to various organizations over the last four years, and 99 percent of that cash went to liberal-learning causes.” Hard to argue with statistics, the numbers=facts!

Labor unions gave $764,952,394 to left-wing special interests between 2012 and 2016 according to the Center for Union Facts. Of the nearly $765 million, 99 percent of union political contributions went to left-wing causes. The Center for Union Facts compiled a comprehensive database of information about labor unions in the United States: outlining union spending, salary information, dues revenue data, and more using data from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

DOL data show between 2012 and 2016, roughly $240 million went to left-wing political groups. Labor unions gave $77 million to special interest groups and another $13 million to environmental groups. Over $25 million went to groups like the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Rainbow Push Coalition.

During this same time frame, almost $307 million went to the Democratic Party and aligned groups including, Media Matters, the Clinton Foundation, Mi Familia Vota, the National Democratic Club, The Advocacy Fund, Progressive Democrats of America, and Planned Parenthood.

So all of this money that Union members contribute isn’t necessarily serving them. It’s serving the liberal agenda that is the Union.

Take, for example, the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on lobbying for abortion:

Money given to these groups and labor union spending on abortion funding, however, is almost exclusively unapproved. Union members must consent to candidate contributions and super PAC spending by affirming they are part of the union, but the same is not true for political advocacy. Thus, union member dues end up going toward political causes — like abortion advocacy — disguised as representational activity.

Here’s how much a few pro-abortion groups received from labor unions since 2007, according to Center for Union Facts Communications Director Luka Ladan:

Planned Parenthood: $1.18 million
Emily’s List: $810,000
NARAL Pro-Choice America: $45,000

And groups like the Teachers Union, the State, County, and Municipal Employees Union, the International Association of Firefighters, the Service Employees Union, the Plumbers Union, the Auto Workers Union, and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union collectively donated close to $2 million dollars for abortion lobby funding since 2007.

The SEUI regularly spends millions to support Democratic candidates.

Yet, not everyone in Unions are democrats.

It is believed that close to 40% are Republicans.

Soooo….that’s a problem. No?

You have members that are Republicans and you are pushing the Left’s agenda. Hard.

Even the President of Pennsylvania’s AFL-CIO, Rick Bloomingdale, suggested that “we may have gotten too close to one party…we should be for the people who are for us, regardless of party label.”

Yeah. That. Do more of that, Rick.

Labor should be for labor…not, in the pocket of lefty politicians.

Of course, very few, if any of these groups responded for comment.

Because…welp, this looks pretty darn bad. Wouldn’t you say?