Conservative Twitter Icon James Woods Retiring from Hollywood

With a whopping 141 acting credits to his name across both film and television, James Woods is a Hollywood legend. He’s also one of Hollywood’s rare outspoken conservatives, where he cultivated another fan base for spot-on, hard-hitting commentary we at TFPP have covered on a number of occasions.

Now, USA Today reports, Woods has decided it’s time for him to retire from entertainment:

The news was included in a press release issued by Woods’ real estate agent offering Woods’ Rhode Island lake house for sale.

Allen Gammons said Friday that Woods is 70 and wants to relax. He says the actor’s brother and mother recently died, and he hopes to spend more time on passions including photography, antiquing and Texas Hold ’em poker.

Woods is known for his conservative political views, and has said that’s made it tough to find work in Hollywood.

Gammons said Woods’ decision was not political.

For good measure, USA Today ends by throwing in a mention of actress Amber Tamblyn’s claim last month that Woods attempted to hit on her when she was a teenager. No mention, of course, that Tamblyn is also a peddler of left-wing lies, meaning that not only is her credibility somewhat less than ironclad, but that she juuuuuust might have an ulterior motive for trying to tear down one of her industry’s biggest dissenters.

Naturally, the knives are already out for Woods following the news (or at least, more out than they usually are). Indie Wire’s piece on the news, for instance, is titled, “James Woods Is Retiring (From Acting, Not Being a Jerk on Twitter).” Funny thing, though — the piece’s author, Michael Nordine, forgot to include any examples of Woods being a jerk. That is, unless merely making “outspoken, highly conservative remarks” and “criticizing the gay romantic drama ‘Call Me by Your Name'” are all it takes to get the label these days (which, considering the prejudices of the entertainment media, could very well be the case).

We’re going to miss seeing James Woods on our TVs and on the silver screen, but we can take comfort in the knowledge that he’s going to keep making Twitter a smarter, funnier, more honest, more informative, and more conservative place. Here are a sampling of his hits from just the past couple of days:

Amen, Mr. Woods. Amen. We here at TFPP wish you a happy retirement, and many more years of tweaking the Left on Twitter.

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