Court Issues Huge Gun Rights Decision


In a major win for the Second Amendment, the Wisconsin Supreme Court just issued a ruling that knocks down a prohibition on carrying a firearm when riding Madison County Transit buses.

NRA-ILA reported:

Today, in a 5-2 ruling, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court found that the Madison County Transit’s current carry prohibition on their buses is illegal.  The ruling affirms the right of law-abiding passengers to carry a firearm for self-defense on Madison County buses, like they are currently allowed to do on buses run by other local transit agencies.

Since 2005, passengers have been forced to disarm when traveling on Madison buses even though state law preempts such a prohibition by local municipalities.  Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel filed an amicus brief stating that the Madison ban “conflicts with, defeats the purpose of, and goes against the spirit of state law.”

Despite attempts by the city of Madison to argue that the Wisconsin preemption law doesn’t cover “agency rules,” the city will now need to put an end to its enforcement of the illegal prohibition.

Individuals who choose to use public transportation or are unable to travel in private conveyance should not be prevented from carrying a firearm for self-defense.  This illegal prohibition unnecessarily disarmed law-abiding individuals and is thankfully being stopped.

Good for Wisconsin. These infringements on the Second Amendment need to be knocked down whenever they pop up, which will likely be with increasing frequency as the left works to tear down our constitutional right to keep and bear arms (among other rights).

As NRA-ILA pointed out, it was wrong for individuals that take public transit to be denied their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

These moves by the gun control crowd are shameful attacks on the Second Amendment. Fortunately, the Wisconsin Supreme Court knocked this one down.

There are surely some who mistakenly believe that taking guns away will keep us safer, but they are just that — mistaken. In fact, they are dangerously mistaken.

Disarming law-abiding citizens makes us all less safe, and this victory in Wisconsin is an important step toward fighting back against those that seek to take away our right to keep and bear arms.