Crane To Be Used in Robert E. Lee Statue Removal Involved In Deadly Collision

Last week, we reported that the city of Dallas, Texas planned to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee, but was halted by a federal court after a local resident filed a complaint.

The restraining order was eventually dismissed by a higher court though, and the city planned to move forward with removing the statue.

Last night, a large crane was traveling towards the statue’s location, when suddenly it was hit by a large truck.

It it not yet known how the truck collided with the crane. The crane did have the right of way though.

According to CBS Dallas, the crane operator was not injured, but the truck driver died.

Officials said that the crane had a left-turn arrow and was turning westbound on Linfield Avenue off of the freeway. The semi-truck ran through the light as it was going south on the freeway and collided with the crane.

The semi-truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene by Dallas Fire-Rescue.

The crane driver did not suffer any serious injuries, according to officials.

The Dallas Police Department posted this video discussing the incident.

It is not yet known how this will affect the time frame for the plans to remove the statue. The motion was previously put off until the proper equipment was obtained, which they did on Sunday evening. Sadly, it ended in a tragic crash.