Dem Rep Calls Trump A ‘Rapist,’ ‘Racist,’ ‘Un-American’ And A ‘Pu**y’

Another Democrat nitwit is making idiotic threats against the president, using language so foul that it’s shocking his constituents.

Maine State Rep. Scott Hamann called President Donald Trump a “joke,” a rapist, a racist, a liar, and un-American in a lengthy rant captured by The Daily Caller before being deleted.

At its most lenient, it’s an idiot rant by a fool. At its worst… it’s a death threat.

Hamann represents a district in South Portland and works as a project manager for a food bank. He appeared to be responding to another user who was expressing their support for Trump.

He said Trump was “un-American” and an “admitted rapist” who was “installed by the Russians.”

His screed goes on to berate all Trump supporters, who he said only receive their information from outlets like Breitbart News.

“Don’t like the truth?” he asked. “Well then fuck you, snowflake. You’re a fucking pussy. And you people are destroying America.”

He continued: “100% of intelligence Americans agree that Trump is a complete loser. But go back to clinging to your guns because you’re afraid. Pussy.”

Hamann – perhaps back on his meds – has apologized for the screed, but only after the chair of the Maine Democratic Party called on the state House Speaker to “do something.”

“Words cannot even begin to describe the level of revulsion I feel after reading Representative Scott Hamann’s recent tirade that has come to light,” Demi Kouzounas said in a statement.

“Perhaps the most alarming aspect of this tirade,” she said, “is an implied death threat against our President when Rep. Hamann states, ‘As long as that’s what’s coming out of that side, then I’ll match you dumb f**ks word for word. Trump is a half term President, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that p**sy.’”

In apologizing, Hamann said he used “inappropriate language” because he was frustrated with the inappropriate language in politics. Huh?

“I regret my impulsive decision to post something aggressively sarcastic and inappropriate in a Facebook exchange with a childhood friend,” he said in a written statement. “While the tone of the post was born out of frustration with the vile language currently surrounding politics, I should not have responded with the same language.

“This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values, and while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America,” he continued.

The Secret Service told the Bangor Daily News they were aware of Hamann’s comments, but have not yet opened an investigation.

Amazingly, when a local radio host reported on Hamann’s statement and reached out to his employer, Hamann replied: “[I]f anything negative comes from your attack on my employment, my attorney will be in touch. Cease and desist.”

What a piece of work.

HT: LifeZette