Democrat Party Civil War: Clinton World FIGHTS BACK

Democrats are desperate to discredit Donna Brazile, now that she’s ripped off the scab of corruption within the whole Democratic party.

CNN has apparently dedicated itself to destroying the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee after he book Hacks exposed how the Clinton campaign essentially took over the DNC in the summer of 2016 in exchange for cold, hard cash.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is reporting that CNN sources told him that they have been told to try to discredit the outspoken liberal because her revelations make Clinton “look bad”:

According to highly informed sources we spoke to–highly informed–top management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Brazile’s credibility. Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons. If you’ve been watching that channel, you may have noticed CNN’s anchors suggesting that Donna Brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for Clinton.

And on MSNBC, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was anxious to completely throw Brazile under the bus.

Appearing with Katy Tur, the former DNC chairman didn’t mince words. “Nobody cares about what Donna Brazile has said in a book,” McAuliffe said. “Nobody.”

“Let me be clear, and you can play this back on Wednesday morning,” McAuliffe told Tur. “We are going to win the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general [races].”

Democrats can ignore Brazile for only so long. In her book, the former interim DNC chair said the Clinton campaign had a fundraising agreement with the DNC long before it was clear she would be the nominee, a move that many saw as tipping the scales against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The chat concluded with a cringe-worthy exchange between Tur — who’d pressed on the softening poll numbers and the Donna Brazile claims — and McAuliffe.

“Katy, you gotta enjoy life a little bit more,” McAuliffe said. “I mean, it’s not so bad. You gotta come move to Virginia. Things are great here.”

“I enjoy life!” Tur said.

“Well you don’t sound it!” McAuliffe said.

“Virginia’s a great state,” Tur said. “It’s a sad day for our country, considering what’s happening in Texas. Maybe that’s why I’m a little down.”

“I just want you smiling and thinking big,” McAuliffe said in closing. “Virginia’s for lovers.”

Earlier, on Chuck Todd’s broadcast on the same network, McAuliffe was equally dismissive:

“You’re a former DNC chair, I got to ask you—and you’re obviously very close friends to the Clintons. I know where you stand from the primary,” Todd said.

“The allegation Donna Brazile made that the DNC was basically in the tank in some form or another—and we can discuss how much—for Hillary Clinton throughout the primary season: fair charge?” Todd asked…

“I don’t know the specifics of the actual agreement,” McAuliffe said. “It’s regrettable that Donna (Brazile) thought this was the time that she should come out with this complaint. I mean, God love the Democratic Party. But we need—”

“This pretty bad timing for Tuesday?” Todd asked.

“Very bad timing. And you know, just regrettable,” McAuliffe said.

H/T: LegalInsurrection