Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk, USA’

What was that line from Hillary Clinton? Basket of deplorables?

Just when you thought the Democratic Party couldn’t become more condescending, The Washington Free Beacon reports that the words of Congresswoman Anna Eshoo of California are bad enough to add her to the “most patronizing Democrats ever” list:

A Democratic lawmaker from California referred to Middle America as “Podunk, USA,” during a committee meeting last week, several sources inside the meeting told the Washington Free Beacon.

Remarks by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) during a closed-door Energy and Commerce Committee meeting with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai raised eyebrows from those present.

The moment occurred when Eshoo pushed back against Pai when he was discussing expanding broadband access to rural areas.

Pai said that eliminating Title II net neutrality rules would benefit places he has traveled to, such as Parsons, Kan., Elverson, Pa., and Cadillac, Mich.

Sources inside the meeting told the Free Beacon that Eshoo was frustrated with Pai’s comments. She wished out loud that Pai would stop talking about “Podunk, USA” and instead be more concerned about the venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road in her district near Palo Alto, according to the sources.

Rep. Anna Eshoo is one of many. A drop in the bucket. Indeed, Eshoo is representative of Democrats’ image problem.

As the Free Beacon reports, “Democrats have been criticized for being out of touch and representing only the interests of coastal elites since suffering significant losses in the 2016 elections.”

True, but I’d take that a step further. They have always represented the interests of coastal elites (this isn’t new!) and now, they’re just worried that their patronizing demeanor towards the flyover states is showing. Better tuck that back in!

It’s also a California problem. They’ve always been a bit snobbish towards other states.

To that I say–enjoy all those lovely taxes, shoddy roads, noisy traffic, and that costly tank of gasoline.