Democrat Resigns In the Wake of Most HUMILIATING Scandal Ever

Everybody has bad days. Everybody gets embarrassed sometimes. In politics, both phenomena are amplified in the form of scandals: a law broken, a stance contradicted, an affair exposed, a résumé inflated. It’s become a truism that a politician can survive any scandal other than finding a dead girl or live boy in his bed, but we can add another career-killer — and reputation obliterator — to that list, thanks to Democrat Scott Chamberlain.

Mr. Chamberlain is…or rather, was…a member of the city council in New Milford, Connecticut. He’s not anymore, though. The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reports that he has resigned in the wake of the public revelation that he has a rather unusual hobby: he’s a furry.

For those not fluent in the stranger corners of the Internet, “furry” is a general term for people who like to get together and wear animal costumes or have a particular fixation on fictional characters that are humanoid animals (for example, it’s perfectly normal for people of all ages to like Bugs Bunny or Sonic the Hedgehog, but a furry might like Bugs and Sonic a little too much, if you know what I mean).

The councilman, who goes by his alternate name, “Gray Paws,” when at Furry conventions and among his four-legged friends, had his secret identity revealed when one of his constituents posted screenshots of Chamberlain’s profile from a private Furries-only website.

Although members of the Furry community don’t necessarily see dressing up as part of a sexual fetish – most say they do it as a form of social interaction and as part of a “fandom” – Chamberlain’s profile did list a few red flags on that account. According to the New Milford News Times, Gray Paws had a list of “loves, likes, and hates” some of which were “sexual in nature.” His profile also mentioned “that he ‘tolerates’ rape.”

Now it’s getting weird.

Chamberlain tried to diffuse the situation by claiming that he participates in the Furry subculture as a “harmless hobby.” “It’s nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals,” he told local media.

But it turns out, the mayor and his fellow city council members weren’t easily convinced. The Mayor told the News Times that Chamberlain should drop out of office because government officials need to be held to a “higher standard” than community members – even the Furry ones – and another councilman casually mentioned to media that Chamberlain told him that he dabbled in writing “science fiction adult literature.”

You can view a (safe for work, thank God) sampling of Chamberlain’s double life here:

Zanotti goes on to confirm that, despite the ex-councilman’s assurances, Chamberlain is the author of “a ‘soap opera’ for other Furries, and his characters, yes, do engage in adult activities.”

Yeesh. After reading this, I think I need to take a shower. For about six hours.

I suppose it’s good to know that for all their blather about moral relativism and celebrating diversity and not judging anyone, even Democrats draw a line somewhere, and that somewhere is “cartoon animal rape fantasies.”

Then again, when one considers that they don’t draw the line at things like “murdering preborn babies,” it becomes clear that they disavowed Chamberlain solely because it was strategically necessary, not because they had a genuine revulsion for his extracurricular activities.