A Democrat’s on Trial for Statutory Rape and More; Media SILENT

Nobody except Roy Moore and his accusers know for sure whether the shocking allegations against the Alabama Republican Senate candidate are true or false, but they’re serious enough to warrant serious investigation.

What a pity it is, though, that so few of the people fixated on Moore aren’t interested in exposing every politician credibly accused of comparable offenses.

For months, New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been on trial for a range of corruption charges, mainly accepting bribes in exchange for abusing his office to do favors for a longtime friend. However, among the charges is the allegation that he had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, a claim that Justice Department attorneys have taken very seriously. On Monday, the jury was deadlocked, but the judge ordered them to keep trying to reach a verdict.

If the current outrage over Moore was sincere, we’d expect the prospect of someone who’s already in the Senate sexually exploiting and abusing teenage girls to be at least as important as similar charges surrounding someone attempting to join the Senate.

And yet, NewsBusters reports, the media has been all-too-predictably silent on the Menendez case, even as they make sure their audiences know every lurid detail of what Moore is accused of doing:

From the evening of November 9 through the morning of November 13, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening newscasts have generated 79 minutes, 42 seconds of coverage of the Moore case. (The numbers would be even greater, but three of the weekend evening newscasts were pre-empted due to sports.) […]

CBS’s coverage consisted of a single, 22-second item on the September 6 edition of CBS This Morning, recapping the start of the case: “The New Jersey Democrat is accused of doing political favors for a Florida eye doctor in exchange for campaign donations and very lavish gifts.”

A week later, ABC’s Mary Bruce offered a short (1 minute, 48 second) summary on Good Morning America that was light on the details of the case: “At times this case sounds a bit more like an episode of Scandal: Bribery charges, mistresses and alleged abuse of power — and at the heart of it all, a U.S. Senator on trial for federal corruption.”

Add it all up, and the Moore scandal has already consumed nearly 40 times more airtime on the Big Three networks’ than a Democrat’s corruption trial — even though the Menendez case is based on an actual federal prosecution, as opposed to a story in the Washington Post.

Gee, it’s almost as if they’re hyping the Moore story not because they sincerely think he’s guilty and it’s important to keep unethical predators out of government, but because they see a golden opportunity to keep a Republican out of office and demonize the Right as a whole. Crazy talk, I know…

Of course, we expect double-standards like this from the mainstream media. What’s the Republican establishment’s excuse? They haven’t been very vocal about Menendez either, and in fact, LifeZette reports that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the many Republicans to denounce Moore, actually testified for Menendez, as a character witness:

“He’s someone you can go to as a Republican to see if you can find bipartisanship,” Graham had said. “In very difficult circumstances he always keeps his word — a handshake is all you need from Bob … He’s a very honest and trustworthy senator.”

When asked by reporters, on exiting the courthouse in Newark, why he’d come, he said it was “to let the court know that of all the people I’ve dealt with in the Senate, Bob is a very honest, honorable guy.”

The inmates are not only running the asylum; they’re running the country. How do responsible Americans even begin to untangle the perverse principles and priorities of Washington, DC?