“DEMOCRATIC” Socialist Bernie Sanders Just LOVES AUTHORITARIAN Executive Orders


Bernie Sanders claims – over and over again – that he’s a Democratic Socialist – not just a socialist.

He likes to highlight the “democratic” part because the “socialist” part is just too unpalatable for voters.

But at Thursday night’s debate, Sanders revealed the true nature of “Democratic Socialism” – like socialism itself, isn’t “democratic” at all.

Few actions a president can take are more inherently anti-democratic than an executive order.

It bypasses Congress – and by definition the will of the people. There’s no vote, no debate and no challenges allowed. If – and only if – the next president is willing to repeal the executive order – does the edict get repealed.

The opposite of a “democratic” action is an “authoritarian” one. It’s an action taken by a leader that must be applied without question or debate.

All presidents have taken this route – and frankly – it’s de facto authoritarian every time.

So you’d think that someone who highlights the “democratic” in his party’s name would be anti-authoritarian.

But like Democrats, Bernie is all for authoritarianism when it fits his goal. Here he is talking about his use of “executive orders.”

“The bottom line is: A path toward citizenship for 11 million undocumented people – if Congress doesn’t do the right thing – we use the executive orders of the President,” he said.

For her part, Hillary loves executive orders, too:

She said she “strongly” supports the president’s executive actions. “I hope the Supreme Court upholds them,” she said. “I think there is constitutional and legal authority for the president to have done what he did.

Socialism is not a goal, but a stepping stone on the road to communism. It’s the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” as Karl Marx described.

You can dress it up by putting the word “Democratic” in front of it, but Socialism ultimately is consolidating power in the hands of the state. Executive orders are but one way to do that. When Bernie Sanders is elected president, we will find out what the rest of them are.