Democrats Come Up With New Plan to Remove President Trump

A Democratic Congressman is on a really dumb mission to re-write the 25th Amendment.

Aside from the incredible difficulty of amending the Constitution, Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s purely partisan move is solely designed to provide the possibility that Donald Trump could be removed from office.

Blumenauer (D-Ore.) filed the bill during the House’s two-week April recess to empower former presidents and vice presidents of both parties, in coordination with the sitting vice president, to determine if a president is fit for office.

What is the 25th Amendment? The Amendment, adopted in 1967, provides that a president can be removed from office if a majority of cabinet members and the vice president declare a president is unfit to serve. If the president refuses to step down, it takes two-thirds of both the House and Senate to force the resignation.

What’s Blumenauer’s beef? Blumenauer thinks that since Cabinet officials are appointed by the President, they would not vote against their boss. Instead, he thinks that former presidents and vice presidents should make that decision.

“Because the cabinet can be fired by the president, there is a natural bias that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president’s inability to serve. It’s time to revisit and strengthen the Amendment and make sure there is a reliable mechanism in place if the president becomes unable to discharge the powers and duties of office,” Blumenauer said.

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Why is this partisan nonsense? Nobody had ever thought about this before President Trump was elected. Blumenauer first mentioned it on a floor speech in February when he worried about what he called “erratic” behavior from Trump, The Hill reports. At the time, he pointed to Trump’s claims about voter fraud in the election and stating that it was sunny during his inaugural address when it was, in fact, raining.

Other leftist lawmakers like Al Franken and Ted Lieu have also questioned Trump’s psychological state.

What’s his plan? He wants to empower former presidents and vice presidents of both parties, working with the sitting vice president, to determine if a president is fit for office.

“It is hard to imagine a better group to work with the vice president to examine whether the president is able to discharge the duties of the office. When there are questions about the president’s ability to fulfill his or her constitutional responsibilities, it is in the country’s best interest to have a mechanism in place that works effectively,” Blumenauer said in a statement.

Does it have a chance in hell? Nope.

Then why do we care? It just shows what lengths the left will go to in trying to thwart the sitting president.