Democrats’ DEADLY Hypocrisy on Science Brutally Exposed


Kimberly Morin reports that Planned Parenthood seems to have lost their minds even more than usual. Their Twitter feed is filled with “resistance” type tweets and of course pushes for taxpayers to keep funding the multi-million dollar organization.

One tweet stood out last week, though, and it’s unclear if they actually realized the irony or if they are really that stupid:

Apparently Planned Parenthood doesn’t thinking sucking a life out of the womb of a woman is violent. Somehow this is just business as usual for the abortion corporation.

Planned Parenthood has spent years trying to dehumanize the preborn so their followers don’t think twice about getting an abortion and believe it’s perfectly normal and not a big deal. From NH Political Buzz, discussing the issue during the baby parts horror:

Forget the pro-choice or pro-life side for a moment and just consider the facts in a scientific manner. Words mean exactly the same thing but dehumanizing it makes it easier for Planned Parenthood supporters to continue their support. By dehumanizing abortion and the harvesting of human baby body parts, Planned Parenthood supporters don’t have to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with exactly what is being done.

Many people just refuse to learn the truth or facts and prefer to keep their heads buried. The left is supposedly about “science,” except when they aren’t.

Most of Planned Parenthood’s supporters won’t even grasp the reality of that tweet. Of course, others in the Twitterverse certainly did: