Democrats Eating Republicans’ Dust in Fundraising For 2018 Election

The upcoming midterm elections are less than 11 months away, and Republicans are leaving Democrats in the dust in donations.

According to The Daily Caller, Republicans have raised well over $126 million more in donations than their Democratic opponents.

Federal Election Commission data was released on Monday, showing that in addition to outpacing Democrats in donations, Republicans have more cash on hand than Dems:

GOP candidates and party fundraisers have racked in over $398,000,000 in donations, according to Federal Election Commission data released Monday for the 2018 congressional election cycle. Democrats, on the other hand, have managed to raise only $271,671,258.

The Republican Party coughed up roughly $4.5 million more in political spending than Democrats thus far in the cycle. That could be due to the fact that Republicans has over $30 million more cash on hand.

Republicans are getting a great deal of their campaign donations from finance, insurance, real estate, agricultural and defense industries. Democrats find favorability with issue advocacy organizations, law firms, lobbyists and the labor industry.

The GOP currently controls the House with a 21 seat majority and the Senate with a narrow 1 seat majority.

Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, says Democrats will win back both the House of Representatives and the Senate this year.

That’s a rather bold prediction considering Senate Republicans only have to defend eight seats while Democrats will be defending 25, including in several states that largely voted for Trump in the presidential election.

Others have pointed to money raised by Democratic challengers as indicative of a “backlash against the GOP,” as Noah Rothman at Commentary Magazine puts it:

In a wave election, though, seats you never expected to fall tend to surprise; as long as there is a warm body on the ballot, they’ll get votes. And Democrats have managed to scare up a lot of bodies. As of September 30, 391 prospective Democratic candidates for the 2018 midterms had raised at least $5,000 for their forthcoming bids. By comparison, at the same point in 2009, just 184 Republican challengers had met or passed the $5,000 mark. Democrats need only 24 more seats to retake the House […] For a variety of reasons, disaster for the GOP seems increasingly unavoidable.

These arguments are obliterated by the latest Federal Election Commission fundraising overview. If Democrats want to use money as an example of Democratic “backlash,” they should take a closer look at the facts.

According to the commission data for the 2018 election cycle, the Republican Party hasn’t just earned more in donations. They also have over $34 million more cash on hand than the Democratic Party.

Besides being left in the dust on earnings, the Democratic Party has fallen in a huge hole of debt. The recently released data shows that the Republican Party also has over $7 million less debt than the Democrats.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, meanwhile, has accrued nearly $5 million more debt than their Republican counterpart.

Will Democrats fall even further behind as the year progresses? Tell us what you think, and sound off in the comments section below.