Democrats’ Newest SLEAZY Move Means Millions More For Hillary


Because they’re a bunch of money-grubbing hypocrites who will do anything to ensure Hillary Clinton is their nominee, Democrats have cancelled a ban on lobbyists and superPACs giving money directly to the party.

Because Hillary is awash with money from these groups – and Bernie refuses to take any – this is a huge advantage for Clinton (and everybody knows it).

On the campaign trail and in the debates, Hillary talks big about “campaign finance reform” and “getting money out of politics,” all the while raking in millions from lobbyists and Wall Street bankers.

Now the entire Democratic Party can benefit as well, The Washington Post is reporting.

“It is a major step in the wrong direction,” said longtime reform advocate Fred Wertheimer. “And it is completely out of touch with the clear public rejection of the role of political money in Washington,” expressed during the 2016 campaign.

The Democratic National Committee snuck in the change in the last couple of months and nobody noticed until now.

President Obama instituted the ban in 2008 as a symbolic gesture to “change the way Washington works.”

To his credit, it irritated lobbyists and corporate interests.

But now that’s all changed because, hey – it’s only politics, right? Here’s how a PR flack defended the change:

“The DNC’s recent change in guidelines will ensure that we continue to have the resources and infrastructure in place to best support whoever emerges as our eventual nominee,” Paustenbach said in an email. “Electing a Democrat to the White House is vital to building on the progress we’ve made over the last seven years, which has resulted in a record 71 straight months of private-sector job growth and nearly 14 million new jobs.”

It’s now business as usual. And that business is making sure Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee.

Here’s the disgusting way Hillary back-channels money set for all Democrats into her personal campaign coffers:

Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, has set up a joint fundraising committee with the DNC called the Hillary Victory Fund, which raised $26.9 million through the end of 2015.

The new Clinton Fund collects money from large donors that is then distributed between Clinton’s campaign and 33 state Democratic Party committees. In recent months, a Clinton solicitation asked supporters to give up to $366,100 to the fund. Her campaign then received $2,700 of the total for the primary period, while the rest went to the DNC and 33 state party committees. Federal Election Commission records show that through the end of the year, 56 donors had written checks of $100,000 or more to the Hillary Victory Fund. Most of the contributions came from individuals, but a handful came from corporations or labor unions.

But that’s the Clintons and their vacuuming of every filthy dollar they can get their hands on.

Sorry, Bernie!