Candidate Who LOST Election On Leftists Panel On WINNING Elections

To show just how completely detached from reality Democrats are, the candidate who lost a race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District will be a panelist at the leftist Netroots Nation conference about how to win elections.

The group’s annual conference will feature loser Jon Ossoff, who lost handily to Republican Rep. Karen Handel. It was a race that Democrats were sure they could win by playing the NeverTrump card.

The New York Times said the loss was “demoralizing for Democrats.” Ossoff was a young leftist who had the support of the Hollywood elite and the globalist types. He didn’t even live in the district he was trying to represent. He lost despite spending $24 million on the campaign compared to Handel’s $4 million.

Yet for some reason, this is the man who Netroots Nation thinks is qualified to give advice on how to win an election. The panel Ossoff is speaking on is called “Leaving it all on the Field: The Midterm Elections in the Resistance Era.” Also speaking is a Daily Kos writer, a Democratic candidate, and an official with the Democratic Party.

Netroots Nation is blaming “redistricting” for their loss in November.

“Democrats have suffered severe losses in recent midterm elections. Because of redistricting, the 2010 elections devastated the party so badly that we have not yet been able to recover. And 2014 wasn’t much better,” the organization wrote in an online description of the event:

But the party in control of the White House usually loses ground in the midterms — and because of Trump, progressives are more mobilized than they have been in a decade. Just in time, too: not only is control of the House at stake, but the next round of redistricting is just around the corner. For 2018, where, and how, should progressive activists focus their energy for maximum impact? Our panel— comprised of a handicapper, a staffer, an activist, and a candidate—will approach these questions from each angle.

Interestingly, while every panelist has a bio listed on the website, Ossoff’s is blank. Perhaps that’s because “Loser” would make him feel very sad.

I’m sure with advice from Ossoff, the convention will go a long way toward restoring the Democratic party to power and prominence in American politics.

Maybe they can get Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis to speak as well on the politics of winning.

H/T: The Washington Examiner