Democrats to Start Impeachment Process From House Floor Today

Before Trump even took his Oath of Office as President, Democrats were calling for his impeachment because they couldn’t handle that Hillary Clinton lost, big league.

Now a Democrat Representative from Texas is claiming he is going to call for the impeachment of Trump on the floor of congress today. As reported by The Hill:

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Green accused the president of obstructing the ongoing investigation into possible ties between his campaign and Russia, saying “the mantra should be ITN: Impeach Trump now.”

“A good many people assume that impeachment means that the President will be found guilty. It does not. Impeachment is the genesis of the process. The revelation are likely to be revealed in the Senate and that’s where the trial actually takes place.”

The reason he cites for the impeachment is that he believes Trump somehow obstructed the investigation the FBI is conducting to tie Trump’s campaign to Russia.

Of course, this has been going on for months, and what actually came out of the investigation to date is that the Obama Administration was unmasking the identities of innocent Americans caught up in surveillance, potentially political purposes.

The circus continues in congress.

And of course, the Twitterverse chimed in as well: