Dems Demonize Trump’s Russia Policy; But Look What Obama Did

obama putinDemocrats. They must have been the absolute worst history students in their high school class.

How quickly they seem to forget the past.

How quickly they criticize the current administration for any and all “evils”–without ever possibly considering their heroes may have done the exact. Same. Thing.

Let’s take Russia as an example.

This should be fun.

Democrats raised an incredible stink over a change in the Republican platform last summer. What was the change?

They removed a “call for giving weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces.” Moreover, once it was determined Trump’s campaign officials were behind said change, Democrats started losing their minds (well, they had actually lost their minds a long time ago).

This serves, they believe, as evidence that President Trump has been and always will be a puppet of Russia!

However, according to The Intercept:

Ever since then, Democrats have used this language change as evidence that Trump and his key advisers have sinister connections to Russians and corruptly do their bidding at the expense of American interests. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spoke for many in his party when he lambasted the RNC change in a July letter to the New York Times, castigating it as “dangerous thinking” that shows Trump is controlled, or at least manipulated, by the Kremlin. Democrats resurrected this line of attack this weekend when Trump advisers acknowledged that campaign officials were behind the platform change.

This attempt to equate Trump’s opposition to arming Ukraine with some sort of treasonous allegiance to Putin masks a rather critical fact: namely, that the refusal to arm Ukraine with lethal weapons was one of Barack Obama’s most steadfastly held policies. The original Post article that reported the RNC platform change noted this explicitly:

Of course, Trump is not the only politician to oppose sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. President Obama decided not to authorize it, despite recommendations to do so from his top Europe officials in the State Department and the military.

Early media reports about this controversy from outlets such as NPR also noted the irony at the heart of this debate: namely, that arming Ukraine was the long-time desire of hawks in the GOP such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, but the Obama White House categorically resisted those pressures.

Yes, you read that correctly. What is one of the most heavily criticized components of President Trump’s foreign policy–what Democrats are “now waging war on”–was “one of Barack Obama’s central and most steadfastly held foreign policy positions.”

Silly, Democrats. Before you open your mouth, review your history.