Dems Launch “Summer of Resistance;” Here’s Their Plan…

Because Democrats have nothing to actually offer their base, they plan on simply “resisting” everything and anything that has to do with President Trump and Republicans.

Dumb Democrats. Democrats have continually and consistently lost elections across the country because a majority of American voters repudiate their extreme left-wing ideas. But rather than try to gain voters based on good policies, they are doubling down on the same behavior that voters got sick of after 8 years. From Lifezette:

The Democratic National Committee has declared this summer will be one of “resistance” in an effort to exploit anti-Trump sentiment on the Left to continue to derail the GOP agenda and build momentum ahead of the 2018 elections.

As part of the program, the DNC will hold a series of early-June events in the run-up to the launch of what The Hill describes as a “national training summit.” The hope is to swell the party’s voter rolls.

Resistance. Once Hillary Clinton lost the election, Democrats everywhere claimed to be part of a “resistance” of some sort — resisting Trump’s presidency before he was even in the White House. Of course, their resistance has not only been laughable (p*ssy hats and hypocrisy) but also violent (the fascists of Antifa). Lifezette continues:

The Democrats’ decision to use the concept of “the resistance” for its own ends was perhaps inevitable given its ubiquity on social media; however, it does not come without risk for the party. Many actions of the so-called “resistance” have been mired by violence, courtesy of black-bloc Antifa protesters — violence all but guaranteed to alienate moderate, swing voters.

Moreover, many of the self-appointed leaders of the resistance — such mainstream media pundits and the likes of Bill Nye — are becoming increasingly unhinged both in their anti-Trump hysteria and their promotion of radical progressive positions.

Why this matters? Clearly Democrats still haven’t figured out why they lost to a reality television star. These far-left loons are going to continue the same behavior that got them booted out of office across the country.

Maybe they’ll finally kill their party dead. It deserves to be buried.