Dems Pin Hopes On Candidate Who Can’t Even VOTE FOR HIMSELF

The Democrats great hope in Georgia’s normally conservative 6th Congressional District is the young leftist Jon Ossoff.

He’s good looking, well-spoken, and is willing to take on Republicans. Sounds like the perfect candidate to go up against a slew of Republicans in a special election today. There’s just one problem.

He can’t vote for himself. The Democrats have pinned their hopes on a man who doesn’t even live in his own district.

Here’s Ossoff when CNN confronted him about this inconvenient fact.

Why is this election important? After Tom Price was appointed by Donald Trump as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Ossoff – and about 16 other candidates – threw his hat in the ring. He quickly emerged as “the most viable Democrat out of a large field of candidates,” the AP claims. They cited endorsements by Reps. Hank Johnson and John Lewis as reasons.

The race has drawn national attention because it is a test of how Donald Trump’s presidency may have shifted voters opinions and enthusiasm. Nationally, Democrats are determined to win the “red” seat, pouring more than $8 million into his campaign.

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Trump is no fan of Ossoff. He has tweeted several times Tuesday morning his opposition to the 30-year-old candidate.

Does this matter? The chattering class thinks it does. If Ossoff wins, they will claim it is a national rejection of everything Trump. If he loses, they will ignore it and say it was just an isolated election in a predominantly red district that has no national implications whatsoever.