Deranged Liberal Threatens to KILL Republican Congressman Over Net Neutrality

How unhinged has the American Left become? So much so that now at least one person has become so enraged by its latest phony narrative that he’s threatening violence based on a regulatory issue he almost certainly doesn’t even comprehend.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the feds have arrested and charged 28-year-old Patrick Angelo of Syracuse, New York for making a phone call that threatened the life of Rep. John Katko (R-NY), simply because of the congressman’s potential opposition to Net Neutrality.

Authorities alleged the message said, “Listen Mr. Katko, if you support net neutrality, I will support you. But if you don’t support net neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill … you … all. Do you understand?”

The message allegedly continued, ” ‘I will literally find all … of … you and your progeny and t- (sic) just wipe you from the face of the Earth. Net neutrality is more important than the defense of the United States. Net neutrality is more important than free speech. Net neutrality is more important than health care. Net neutrality is literally the basis of the new society. That even if you don’t understand, how important it is, net neutrality is literally the basis of the new … free … society. So if you don’t support it, I am willing to lay down my li-‘ (recording ends)” […]

Authorities said security surrounding Katko and his family has been increased. And since Katko previously served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Northern District of New York, that office was recused and prosecution was moved to the Western District of New York.

New York Upstate adds that Angelo first tried to deny making the call, but before long admitted it — though he incredibly claims he didn’t even know which lawmaker’s office he had called:

“I used strong language, probably something that could be construed as a threat…” Angelo told agents, according to the complaint. “I’m sure they didn’t appreciate it.”

Angelo faces charges of interstate communication of a threat and threatening a federal official. If convicted, he could serve a maximum of ten years in federal prison and pay a fine up to a quarter of a million dollars. “Angelo made an initial appearance Wednesday afternoon in U.S. District Court,” the paper added. “He is being held pending a detention hearing Friday.”

The Daily Caller adds that this is hardly a new phenomenon, with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai having faced comparable venom for proposing to dismantle net neutrality rules:

A number of activists staked out his home on Mother’s Day. Some of those protesters, including the leaders, have highly suspect histories.

And more activists — who aren’t necessarily part of the same loose coalition, but are certainly part of the same side of the debate — left cardboard signs outside Pai’s home Saturday. The inscribed posters not only included the exact names of Pai’s children, but also asked the chairman if his kin will ever be able “to look you in the eye again.”

“They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood,” another adjacent sign read. “And for what?! It’s not too late for you, Chairman Pai. You don’t have to be evil.”

As anyone who spends even a moderate amount of time online has no doubt observed, the left-wing campaign to scare people about Net Neutrality has been so pervasive that even non-political websites and personalities have taken up the cause, whipping people up in a lather that repeal would be some sort of digital apocalypse — fears Jeffrey Tucker dismantles here at the Foundation for Economic Education.

If someone is so angry about the issue that he doesn’t even bother to check what politician he’s calling, let alone whether the person he’s threatening even disagrees with him, it’s a safe bet the man hasn’t taken the time to research the facts, arguments, and results of the issue.

But that’s the 2017 Left in a nutshell: hatred is of the Right is its own justification.