Detroit EMT Refuses Call to Do CPR on Dying Child – Black Lives Matter?


Black Lives Matter, but apparently not in Detroit.

Ann Marie Thomas, a Detroit EMT, has been fired for refusing to go to the scene of a call where an 8-month old baby wasn’t breathing.

Here’s what Detroit Fire Commissioner Edsel Jenkins had to say:

“Today, we conducted an appeals hearing, which Ms. Thomas requested. After reviewing all of the facts of this incident, I have determined that the appropriate course of action is to terminate Ms. Thomas’ employment with the Detroit Fire Department effective immediately,” said Jenkins in a statement released Wednesday.

The little 8-month old baby survived through the night and died the following morning.

Thomas was two minutes away from the scene when she got the call. Thomas took six minutes to get to the vicinity of the scene and then parked around the corner.

“33 [Thomas’ EMT vehicle] is in position on Pembroke around the corner from the scene.

“33, I’m going to need you to make that scene,” said the Detroit Fire EMS supervisor. “You’re going to have to make patient contact.”

Thomas parked her unit on a corner a street away from the baby. She and her partner were in a SUV outfitted to be just like an ambulance to help medics get to people faster. But in this case, Thomas refused to go to the house.

I’ve got questions. First, Thomas was fired, what about her partner? If Thomas was driving and refused to move the vehicle the partner could have walked around the corner in under a minute. Is her partner being investigated? If not, why not?

According to the report Thomas (and her partner) has not been charged with a crime. Is there a criminal investigation? If not, why not?

We certainly hope the family of this little girl has retained the meanest, nastiest, greediest personal injury lawyer licensed to practice in the state of Michigan. It’s not worth much these days, but they should get the City of Detroit in a settlement.

Oh, and just where are the Black Lives Matter demonstrators and why are they not burning down the headquarters of the Detroit Fire Department in protest? Maybe because little Anaya wasn’t a thug, a gangster wannabe, or a felon?

15-0527 Black Lives

Rest in peace Anaya and we hope your family finds the strength to go on with good memories of their little girl.