DHS Confirms: Non Mexican Migrants Who Illegally Cross Border to be Sent to…


Officials from the Department of Homeland Security confirmed on Tuesday that the department is working on a plan that would see anyone that crosses the southern border illegally sent packing right on back to Mexico — whether they are Mexican citizens or not — according to ProPublica.

“This would say if you want to make a claim for asylum or whatever we’ll hear your case but you are going to wait in Mexico,” a DHS official said, according to the report.

“Those are details that are being worked out both within the department and between the U.S. government and the government of Mexico… There are elements that still need to be worked out in detail.”

The Hill reported:

Current immigration trends have seen Hondurans, Guatemalans, Brazilians, Salvadorans, Haitians and Ecuadorians crossing the United States’ southern border.The change could potentially see tens of thousands of non-Mexican migrants — largely applying to Central Americans fleeing violence — being sent to Mexico if they arrived over the U.S.-Mexico border, CNN noted.

Current law allows those who cross the U.S.-Mexico border to apply for asylum, but the new provision would force immigrants to wait in Mexico while seeking asylum in the U.S.

The DHS on Tuesday released two memos detailing new immigration enforcements under the Trump administration.

The memos expand immigration raids and the definition of criminal aliens. They also allow immigration officials to remove aliens who are unable to prove they have been in the U.S. for more than two years.

Good, let Mexico deal with them. Perhaps Mexico will begin to think a bit differently about that wall when they are faced with the illegal immigrants that flood the U.S. being sent right back into their country.

While it doesn’t matter much if Mexico gets on board with the wall or not as they will, one way or another, pay for it if President Trump does what he said he was going to do, it sure would be interesting to see how they respond to this move by the DHS.