DHS Sec. Kelly Issues Huge WARNING to Illegals

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly brutally laid down the law Saturday, stating unequivocally that illegal immigrants caught driving under the influence would be deported.

What happened? Speaking Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Kelly shared his plans to detour away from former President Barack Obama’s illegal immigration policies, which had allowed illegals caught engaging in so-called “minor” crimes to evade deportation.

“Well, someone, as an example, with multiple DUIs,” he replied when questioned by host Chuck Todd as to what might now qualify an illegal for deportation. “Even a single DUI, depending on other aspects, would get you into the system.”

“[Y]ou have to remember that there’s a system, a legal justice system in place,” he added.

Why is this important? Obama’s shameful appeasement permitted illegals to don an attitude of apathy toward both federal and local laws. Since the president refused to enforce the law, illegals just figured, “Well, heck, I guess that means I can do anything!”

Ronald Mortensen, Ph.D., a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, explains:

The vast majority of illegal aliens use fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers.  They possess fake drivers’ licenses, phony “green cards,” fraudulent birth certificates and any other documents that U.S. citizens and legal residents have.  In addition, they falsify I-9 forms under penalty of perjury. Thus, the average illegal alien routinely commits multiple felonies –forgery, Social Security fraud, identity theft, and perjury.

In piece for CIS, Carl F. Horowitz added that “[i]t is a triumph of hope over experience to imagine that a career criminal will exhibit a capacity for self-reform if coaxed to try harder.”

“Moreover, and this is key, (t)he United States can ill afford to serve as the world’s crime control and rehabilitation center. It is a message we ought to be sending other nations, as we keep doors open to the law-abiding only.”


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How will the future be different? Obama was foolhardy enough to believe in the “hope” mentioned by Horowitz. Thankfully, both President Donald Trump and DHS Secretary John Kelly know better — much, much better.

As does Attorney General Jef Sessions, who last week announced his intention to crackdown on so-called “sanctuary cities” that cater to illegal immigrants.

The underlying point is that change is in the air. After having been allowed to get away with practically everything for eight years, illegal immigrants are finally being brought to task and — wait for it — DEPORTED!

H/T The Daily Caller