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Kimberly Morin writes childhood be damned, one mother believes kids should never, ever play with water guns for a ridiculous reason.

A mother wrote a blog about the “dangers of water guns,” and just as you probably already suspect, it’s ridiculously hoplophobic. From PopSugar:

Each day in the United States, 48 kids and teens are shot either accidentally or intentionally. We tell kids that guns are dangerous, to never touch one if you see one, and to tell an adult immediately if you ever see one at school. At the same time, we are handing them idolized versions of these objects that we’re trying to teach them to treat with extreme caution. If a child becomes familiar and comfortable playing toy gun, what’s going to stop their inquisitive hand from reaching out for the real thing if it ever crosses his or her path?

Popular water guns also make light of a very serious situation. There are some children who will never smile again — all because someone picked up a gun. At the same time, we have little ones playing and laughing over the very thing that is killing other kids. It just isn’t right.

We won’t bother disputing her statistics, but of course “kids and teens” includes gang members.

If anything, it’s an opportunity to discuss the real dangers of firearms and maybe even give your child a real lesson in gun safety. To even pretend that toy water guns will lead children to think nothing of real guns is ridiculous.

Before there were water guns, kids used toy guns and there weren’t issues.

Before there were toy guns, kids used their finger and thumb and there weren’t issues.

Hell, years ago, children brought their own firearms to school to take classes with them or be on the shooting team.

The left has so demonized firearms and firearm owners that they have become caricatures of themselves.

One of the top causes of childhood deaths is drowning. Is this mom going to keep her kids out of the tub? No, she’s going to explain to them the dangers of ever going into a pool or body of water without a parent.

If parents like this would stop demonizing and actually start teaching, their kids would be able to not only have fun but learn a valuable lesson at the same time.

How about teaching your kids not only gun safety, but why the 2nd Amendment is so important in the United States?