Difference Between Dems and Reps On Tax Reform [Cartoon]

Calvin Freiburger reports you don’t have to take conservatives’ word for it that there’s nothing compassionate about single-payer, socialized medicine. There are more than enough people within the system, from the patient to the doctor, who have shared experiences that are a far cry from the fairy tales American leftists peddle.

Canada’s CTV News reports on the latest example, family practice anesthetist Dr. Joy Hataley of Ontario. Hataley is speaking out on the “insane” wait time she was told to expect for a patient she had attempted to refer to a neurologist at Kingston General Hospital.

How long would it take for the hospital to see a new patient? Four and a half years.

She wanted to shock others as well, so she tweeted a photo of the letter and tagged Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins and Kingston-area MPP Sophie Kiwala.

Dr. Hataley said she’s used to hearing back from specialists who are unable to see her patients for months, and even up to 2.5 years. But a 4.5-year wait is “insane,” she told CTVNews.ca in a telephone interview.

“This is an alarm bell,” she said. “What it is to me is a red flag to the system.”
Dr. Hataley’s patient, Suzan Wooldridge, said that although her case is not urgent, having to wait 4.5 years to see a neurologist is “just wrong.”

“When Dr. Hataley first pulled up the response from the referral, both of us were just seeing the wait time first hand, I was just in disbelief and shocked,” Wooldridge, a 40-year-old developmental service worker, told CTVNews.ca in an email. “The more I thought about it after leaving her office I was just annoyed and felt that this is ridiculous and not in any way okay.”

Wooldridge said she will continue to live with chronic pain and be cared for by Dr. Hataley until she can see a neurologist. She said she shouldn’t have to travel outside of Kingston to see a specialist.

Hataley has been a critic of Canadian wait times for years, and says this latest example proves that the system has “hit the wall.”

The report goes on to quote a number of officials who agree that the issue — which, by the way socialists, “disproportionately affect[s] low-income Canadians because they don’t have the financial means to travel” — is deeply troubling and needs to be addressed, but they offer precious little in the way of specific solutions, of course.

“We have lost the moral high ground in saying that all of our patients have access (to care) regardless of need,” [Ontario Medical Association President Doctor Shawn] Whatley admitted. “It’s just not true.”

Townhall’s Matt Vespa cuts to the chase:

You know what else is wrong: government running health care. This is what you get. And besides 150 million health care plans that would be on the chopping block, access to specialized care and treatment will have to be reduced to keep costs down. Oh, and there’s tax increases; everyone’s taxes would go up to cover everyone, while degrading the quality of care.

But the worst part? This is what America will be in for if Republicans don’t get their act together on repealing Obamacare and passing a halfway decent tax reform bill.

If the GOP goes into the midterm elections with no major legislative accomplishments to show the voters, they’re going to hand Congress back to the Democrats, making Donald Trump essentially a lame-duck president…and potentially a one-termer.

Just imagine what the Democrats will have in store if they get back in power.