Feminist Mom Edits Disney Books With Leftist Screeds For 3-Year-Old Daughter

A mom took great offense at the messages the “Disney Princess” children’s’ books were teaching her 3-year-old daughter, so she took pen in hand and decided to make a few edits.

Danielle Lindemann, a sociologist at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, was aghast at what she sees as the misogynistic messages in the popular books, and just couldn’t take that her young daughter was obsessed with Disney Princesses.

“The constant inundation with princess stuff drives me crazy,” Lindemann told POPSUGAR MOMS. “Because it’s basically teaching these little girls that their worth lies in looking nice and hooking up with the right guy. Still.”

So on certain pages, she hand-wrote little messages – apparently to counter the sexist narrative that she thinks are in the books. The story was picked up by The Society Pages, a popular resource site for sociology instructors and academics. Here’s how they phrased it:

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but take matters into our own hands. Danielle Lindemann, a mother and sociologist, decided to do just that. After discovering that one of her daughter’s books required some “subversion,” she decided to do a little editing. Here’s to one way of fighting the disempowering messages taught to little girls by capitalist icons.

Capitalist icons?  Whatever.

So what were the hateful, sexist and offensive messages that Dr. Lindemann had to “edit” for her daughter? Let’s review.

The first one could arguably be considered sexist. The page simply reads “A princess likes to dress up,” and Lindemann hand-wrote “in her medical scrubs when she gets to work as a neurosurgeon.”

Ok, Dr. Lindemann … we’ll grant you that one.

But then the rest of the messages are … well … nonsense. On this page, it reads “A princess is kind,” and she wrote “of a badass.”

Was that necessary? Princesses can’t be kind?

Here’s another. The page reads “Jasmine flies through the sky.” The images is of Aladdin and Jasmine holding hands. Neither looks scared or frightened. It certainly doesn’t look like Jasmine is relying on Aladdin to stay on that magic carpet, but Lindemann made sure her daughter thought Aladdin was the frightened one.

Here’s a good one. One of the princesses (sorry, I have a seven-year-old daughter and I can’t keep up with which princess is which) looks angry and lecturing and the page reads “A princess is brave.” Now that’s a great, pro-woman message, right? But it’s not enough. She needs to fill her daughter with abortion propaganda, writing “My body, my choice!”

These last two are more leftist propaganda. The pages read “A princess loves to see new things,” and “A princess is a dreamer.” Who could object to that?

Dr. Lindemann does, so she adds more leftist dogma.

About paid maternity leave and women in the Senate.

In a book to her three-year-old.

It’s important to start the indoctrination early if you’re going to raise your kids to think the right way about things. Don’t let them develop their own thoughts. Don’t let them experience neutral – or even positive – images without some sort of political rhetoric behind them.

Because that’s the progressive way.