Doctors Horrified By What They Found Hiding Inside North Korean Defector’s Body…

Every time a North Korean manages to slip away from the brutal regime, there is a network of charitable organizations ready to help them.

It’s a good thing too, because if they make it to South Korea, or any of the countries willing to take them in (China is not one of them), they likely have a myriad of health issues.

Like one recent defector who had an “enormous” number of ghastly parasitic worms slithering inside his body.

The unidentified soldier, who made a dash across the Demilitarized Zone – and was shot at least five times – was infested with worms and parasites that are unheard of in the modern world.

Doctors in South Korea said the patient was in stable condition for his gunshot wounds. But the parasitic worms are complicating his recovery. The doctors said he likely had the worms for quite a while, Fox News reports.

Lee Cook-jong, the defector’s lead surgeon, showed photos of the parasitic worms, including an 11-inch long worm found in the man’s digestive tract.

“In my over 20 year-long career as a surgeon, I have only seen something like this in a textbook,” Lee told reporters.

Doctors said they found corn kernels in the man’s stomach that had been undigested, leading them to believe the worms are related to the poor hygiene and food problems North Korea has experienced for decades. Fox News reports:

“Although we do not have solid figures showing health conditions of North Korea, medical experts assume that parasite infection problems and serious health issues have been prevalent in the country,” Choi Min-Ho, of the Seoul National University College of Medicine, told Reuters.

Min-Ho said the injured defector’s condition was “not surprising at all considering the north’s hygiene and parasite problems.”

The parasites that were found can enter humans through contaminated food or “being bitten by an insect or by the parasite entering through the skin.

In North Korea, they reportedly use human feces as fertilizer for crops and that feces could contaminate vegetables growing in the soil.

“North Korea is a very poor country and like any other poor country it has serious health problems,” Andrei Lankov of Kookmin University told the BBC.

Lankov warned the health conditions in North Korea could be a problem for decades in South Korea if the two countries ever reunified.

Meanwhile, Australian 60 Minutes reporter Tom Steinfort was given exclusive access to a “Children’s Camp” in North Korea where they teach young people how to kill Americans.

The students regularly engage in daily games that they see as a “practice for war.”

One child, who playing a video arcade game during the interview, said he imagined the enemies in his combat games were Americans.

He told Steinfort: “I am so happy to kill Americans. Americans, Japanese, and South Koreans – they are our enemy. I dream of killing them.”

Brainwashed, suicidal and full of worms. These are the people Americans are facing right across the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula.

The South will have their hands full if the North regime collapses, no doubt.