Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter

After an exchange on Twitter between President Trump and Jimmy Kimmel, President Trump Jr. joined in, pointing out Kimmel’s hypocrisy. A firestorm of back and forth Tweets soon followed.

President Trump began, responding to Kimmel’s Anti-Trump monologues. He called the host “unfunny,” and criticized “repetitive material.”

Kimmel responded, urging the President to “quit that boring job.”

The Blaze reports on what happened next:

Second only to the Las Vegas massacre, the story of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein allegedly sexually harassing women in his industry for years was the biggest story of the week.

However, many in the media and on the left were oddly silent about the story, likely because Weinstein is one of their own. Kimmel, who has recently gone viral night after night with monologues about the nation’s most pressing issues, has also been silent about Weinstein.

Trump Jr. found Kimmel’s silence hypocritical, given the barrage of hate the left spews at anyone on the right accused of sexual harassment. So, he called Kimmel out.

Kimmel was quick to call the Weinstein scandal “disgusting,” but has been silent on his show. Many on the left have shown their hypocrisy by only reporting on Republican scandals.

Donald Trump Jr. challenged Kimmel to actually speak out against Weinstein. He said he looks forward to hearing a monologue from Kimmel which condemns Weinstein.

Kimmel responded with “great.” We’ll see if he follows through with Donald Trump Jr.’s challenge and actually dedicates himself to calling out Weinstein. If he does, chances are Trump Jr. was right, and it will be “for a moment or two.”

Kimmel, obviously frustrated that he was being accused of focusing only on Republican scandals, responded by posting a video of the Hollywood Access tape in which Trump made inappropriate remarks about women and his own sexual exploits.

The post proved little, as we already know Kimmel is quick to point out scandal on the Right. He may think he was clever with the post, but if he doesn’t dedicate himself to denouncing Weinstein, Donald Trump Jr.’s accusations will be proven correct.

So far, Kimmel hasn’t responded to the Weinstein news. Trump Jr.’s accusations against him seem correct.

Kimmel is happy to ignore a scandal if a liberal was involved, like many others we’ve seen over the years.

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