Dr. Sebastian Gorka Reveals Who’s Responsible For White House Leaks

This morning on “Fox and Friends,” former Trump adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka revealed who has been responsible for the vast majority of national security leaks coming from the White House:

EARHARDT: “Dr. Gorka, what’s going on with all the infighting and with the leaking? Do you know who is leaking?”

GORKA: “Again, I don’t like to give in to the palace intrigue stories. I think in many cases they’re tactical leaks against people you don’t like at the high level. The really damaging stuff, the 125 national security leaks in the first six months, as far as I’m concerned, those are coming from Obama holdovers.

We have a massive amount of holdovers who do not agree with this president and don’t understand that as a government civil servant you serve the president, not your own agenda. That’s what I think is the source.”

KILMEADE: “They should leave those desks empty rather than just have bodies that are different.”

GORKA: “Agreed.”


It’s unconscionable that Obama administration hold overs are leaking the most sensitive national security information just to politically embarrass the President.

Every single Obama holdover in the executive branch should be terminated immediately and shown the door.

Better to be understaffed than have the administration filled with those trying to hurt the President, and our country, for shallow and short term political goals.

Then those responsible for the leaks must be found and arrested for treason.

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