Drunk Diner ATTACKS Harvey Weinstein

Shamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was attacked on Tuesday night while having dinner with his sex addiction sobriety coach in an Arizona resort.

While eating at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale’s Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort, Weinstein sat next to two men when one of them, identified only as “Steve,” approached him.

Steve later told TMZ he had “quite a bit to drink,” and repeatedly called Weinstein a “piece of s***” and told him to “get the f*** out of here.”

TMZ reports:

One of the men — Steve — tells TMZ he walked up to Weinstein and told him he loved his movies and would like to take a photo with him. Steve says Weinstein became belligerent and told him to buzz off. The manager of the restaurant says Weinstein was not belligerent — she says to the contrary he was “very sweet about it” and said, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.” The manager says the two shook hands and Steve went back to his table.

At around 9 PM, Weinstein and his sober coach got up to leave at the same time Steve and his dinner companion were leaving. Steve tells TMZ he had “quite a bit to drink,” told his friend to fire up his cell phone and shoot video of what was about to happen.

Steve says he walked up to Weinstein and said, “You’re such a piece of s*** for what you did to these women,” and then punched him in the face twice. He says Weinstein stumbled backward and almost fell.

A restaurant manager says neither attempted punch connected, and the guy was drunk and out of control.

Both sides agree … the person who filmed the incident asked Weinstein if he wanted to call the police, but Weinstein declined and everyone left the restaurant.

Weinstein seemed to be hiding out in Arizona while the Golden Globes berated his sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

A video soon emerged online, published to YouTube on January 10th.

The video presumably depicts some of what occurred in the Scottsdale restaurant. It doesn’t include Steve’s first approach to Weinstein, and it isn’t clear what all occurred before the video begins.

While there doesn’t seem to be any failed punches recorded, it does show a man backhanding Weinstein across the face and telling him to get out of the restaurant.

Just a warning, though, there is a large amount of strong language in the video.

Over 82 women have come forward to say that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed, assaulted, or raped them.

Once protected by Hollywood’s elite, Weinstein was ridiculed throughout the Golden Globes ceremony.

Seth Meyers called Weinstein the “elephant not in the room,” according to TMZ.

“Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because, well, I’ve heard rumors he’s crazy and difficult to work with,” Meyers said. “But don’t worry, he’ll be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person ever booed during the In Memoriam.”

Before the ceremonies, rumors spread that Weinstein was in Hollywood and might crash the Golden Globes.

Instead, he hid out in Arizona, only to be assaulted by a man who didn’t like seeing Weinstein walking around, enjoying life, after everything he’s done.