Voter Fraud: Chicago Election Board Lists More General Election Votes Than Voters

There is a new development in the on-going voter fraud saga.

We’ve covered developments like these extensively here at The Federalist Papers Project.

From county election officials being charged with felony voter fraud to Democrat staffers being charged with voter fraud, we have found many, many cases of people trying to alter the results of elections.

It’s like a bad episode of Oprah. But no one gets an iPad… “And you get charged with voter fraud! And you! And you! And you! Allllll of you!

But wait… why don’t we hear about these stories in the mainstream media?

Because the mainstream media likes to pretend these things don’t exist!

But why do they pretend? Because that is the story they tell us.

However, we can’t un-see the fraud that currently exists on voter registration lists, election boards, election officials, and staffers.

Here is yet another example.

The wind in Chicago must have mixed up some files in the election board because there are more general election votes than voters…

My high school pre-calculus teacher could tell you I’m not very good at math…but I”m pretty sure this is fishy.

According to the Chicago City Wire:

More than 14,000 votes were cast in Chicago during the 2016 general election than there were voters to cast them, based on separate figures released by the Chicago Board of Elections, the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party has reported.

Chris Cleveland told the Chicago Wire that “on a whim,” he filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the board, which provided him with a list of 1,101,178 people who voted in the general election. An earlier post on the board’s website said that 1,115,664 votes had been cast.

“There should be never be more votes than voters,” Cleveland said. “Every ballot cast should be recorded against a registered voter.”

There should never be more votes than voters.

You heard it here, folks.

That may come as a surprise to some of you out there but, indeed, that is how the system works.

Sadly, there are two ways to look at this–the people in charge in that windy city are either extremely incompetent..or fraudulent. I’m not quite sure which is worse.

According to the director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project Robert Popper, there are ten other states, “that have another kind of discrepancy in their voting rolls: The number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting-age citizens as determined by a review of Census data.”

Specifically, in Illinois, there are 26 counties “where voter registration was higher than the number of people eligible to vote, according to Census numbers.”

When numbers are this extreme, can we really chalk this up to incompetency? I suspect something fishy is going on here, and it’s time that this corruption is rooted out once and for all.