Elementary School CANCELS Halloween For Ridiculous Reason

What happens when you live in a city run by a bunch of rich, white left-wing loons? They take all the fun out of life for kids.

One elementary school in such a place did just that by cancelling… wait for it… Halloween. You know, that time of year when kids and adults alike, get dressed up and pretend to be something they aren’t just because it’s FUN!

From WMUR:

A Massachusetts elementary school has decided to cancel Halloween events, saying the holiday is not inclusive and can be awkward for some children.

The principal of Mitchell Elementary School in Needham announced the change Thursday in a letter to families.

“For many years Mitchell has celebrated Halloween with class parties and a parade of students in costume. However, Halloween is a holiday that not all families celebrate and — for a variety of reasons — some Mitchell families keep their children home from school on that day,” Principal Gregory Bayse wrote, adding one teacher said there was “awkwardness planning a class celebration knowing that not all of her students would be able to participate.”

Bayse said the faculty was “near-unanimous in believing” the school should no longer host Halloween events.

How in the hell are kids made to feel ‘uncomfortable’ during Halloween? They don’t have to participate in any events. They can stay home from school that day if they are ‘triggered’ by their fellow classmates dressing up in costumes and imbibing on sugary goodies.

Why is it that the left makes ridiculous changes like this that affect maybe one brat? Rather than let that kid’s family deal with it for one day, they choose to make ALL the kids miserable because they can’t participate in a fun day that happens ONCE A YEAR.

Instead, the school is going to celebrate ‘Autumn’ on a different day in November.

Really? Has our society slipped so far into the depths of stupidity and ‘triggerdom’ that they have to cancel a FUN DAY for ALL kids?

Case in point: Years ago, I was doing Christmas crafts with a kindergarten class. We were making ornaments with beads and pipe cleaners to hang on Christmas trees.

One little girl came up to me and told me she was Jewish so she made an all-white beaded candy cane. It was adorable.

She didn’t scream and cry and need a ‘safe space’ and neither did her parents demand we didn’t allow ALL the kids to enjoy a fun time making crafts.

If only adults would learn from children, rather than the other way around, we might live in a much better society.

So, go out there and have a blast with your kids on Halloween… or have a blast for yourself at your own party, but if you don’t celebrate, there’s no need to ruin anyone else’s fun. Keep it to yourself. The world will be a much better place because of it.

Also, not a shocker this happened in Marxichusetts. They suck the fun out of everything ‘fun’ or tax it into oblivion.