Elizabeth Warren Claims To Be Focused on 2018, not 2020

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has set out on a book tour that has been compared to Hillary Clinton’s in 2014, which was described as a soft launch of sorts for her failed 2016 presidential campaign. Not so fast, however, according to Fauxcahontas, who recently claimed that she is not running for president in 2020 — yet.

Fauxcahontas looks to 2018. On Tuesday, Warren sat down for an interview with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer on NBC where she claimed that her focus in on her re-election bid in 2018 and not 2020.

“I am running in 2018 for senator from Massachusetts,” she said. “I’m deeply blessed that the people of the commonwealth sent me to Washington to run for them. And that’s what I’ll keep on doing.”

“My life’s work is about what’s happening to working families across this country.”

Warren says book tour isn’t about 2020. Guthrie discussed what people have said about the purpose of her book tour and asked whether or not she was considering a run for president in 2020.

Warren explained that a 2020 launch was not the purpose of publishing of her 11th book and that her focus is on 2018.

What does this mean? It certainly doesn’t mean that Warren won’t run in 2020, although she does seem to have reservations about discussing the prospect.

It sounded more to me like Warren didn’t rule out a 2020 run entirely, but simply said that she’s focusing on 2018 and that her book tour isn’t about a soft launch for a presidential run.

What it also means is that there is an election in 2018 and that, hopefully, Warren loses. While I’d love to say that would end her 2020 chances, as we all know, being a loser isn’t a negative thing in the Democrat Party, so not necessarily …

H/T The Daily Caller